Cap America (PPAI 111597) has announced that all of the Fredericktown, Missouri-based supplier’s account executives and customer service representatives have completed PPAI’s Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) Certificate program. In announcing the milestone, the company notes that by investing in its team members’ continued professional development, Cap America can ensure that its distributors will receive the best customer service experience available.

“The key to success in our industry is to be a lifelong learner,” says Mark Gammon, CAS, president and chief operating officer of Cap America. “The days of living on your current knowledge for the next 20 years are long gone. We have long prided ourselves on our excellent customer service; that department is very knowledgeable in what they do. But we want to foster an environment here at Cap America of continuous learners, and with that, one of the best customer service teams in the industry.”

Jennifer Crowfoot, PPAI director of professional development, adds, “PPAI is excited that Cap America has chosen to enroll their customer service staff in PPAI’s education program, beginning with the TAS certificate. While earning a TAS is a start to the certification path, the bigger reward is giving employees the opportunity to become lifelong learners in the promotional products industry.”

Cap America plans to continue participating in the TAS program, requiring all new hires within the customer service department to acquire the certificate of completion.