Businesses across the country are wrestling with how best to handle returning to the office as businesses reopen. For 60 percent of the companies surveyed by ratings and review firm Clutch, masks will be part of employees’ new dress code.

The vast majority of companies (91 percent) are actively creating guidelines and making changes to prepare their offices for their staff’s return. Along with masks, the survey found that the post-COVID-19 office will likely feature socially distant seating arrangements (71 percent) and sanitation stations installed throughout the space (60 percent).

Clutch reports that 82 percent of the U.S. workforce expects their company to implement precautionary measures before asking them to return. This can range from socially-distant seating to childcare and transportation accommodations.

A lingering question is whether employees even want to return to the office. Clutch’s survey found that 19 percent want to return to the office immediately while 15 percent never want to go back. Twenty-eight percent are hesitant to return and would prefer to wait until September or early 2021. The firm notes that employees’ desires to return largely depend on personal circumstances and advises that firms create plans to address their specific needs.

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