In the COVID-19 pandemic, personal protective equipment (PPE) has become part of daily life, and many promotional products distributors and suppliers have pivoted to add the category to what they offer their customers. PPE’s ubiquity in daily life has also made it a prime candidate for brands’ messaging, which Burger King Belgium has taken advantage of with a campaign that allows consumers to order custom face masks with their orders printed on them.

The idea behind the campaign, created by advertising firm Buzzman, is that to avoid potential spread of COVID-19 through speech at the order counter or drive-through window, consumers can wear a face mask telling the attendant what they want. Beginning August 10, consumers could order the face masks by commenting on Burger King’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

This isn’t the fast-food chain’s first take on coronavirus-appropriate promotions. In Germany, it offered giant, almost sombrero-like paper crowns to ensure customers kept the appropriate six feet apart, and in Italy, it sold a “Social Distancing Whopper” that came with three times the normal amount of onions.