Boost Engagement, the Dayton, Ohio-based parent company of distributor Shumsky (PPAI 108541, D10), is launching a new employee engagement solution, Boost with Cogz. The platform was developed to build total workforce engagement for small and mid-sized organizations with a dual virtual and on-the-spot rewarding vehicle. Boost with Cogz combines the qualities of an online employee engagement program with a face-to-face rewarding approach and private social newsfeed to help drive program visibility and team member interaction.

“Our team has been hard at work for the past 20 months to craft the most amazing employee engagement technology experience specifically for small to mid-sized organizations with under 250 employees… and they nailed it,” says Anita Emoff, chairman and owner. “The timing of our launch is perfect as the current market need for our app-friendly platform is perfect. I am so excited to watch this grow and hear stories from our future customers about how we helped them make a positive difference in their culture.”

In a statement, Boost notes that with much of the workforce changing from in-person to remote, it's more important than ever to ensure an organization's employees feel connected to their culture. Its Boost with Cogz platform seeks to do that by providing a tool to keep employees connected to the business and each other through an interactive private social news feed and rewards program. Employees can receive a Cogz Coin in-person if they're in the office, or virtually, if they’re remote. With customizable reward values and vibrant coin colors, employees can compete to show off their achievements and inspire others over time by creating their own "trophy" by stacking their magnetic Cogz Coins. Employees will establish their own accounts, allowing them to redeem from hundreds of thousands of options, including experiences, lifestyle products, charitable contributions and travel in an online rewards store using their accumulated Cogz points.

“Since 2005, we’ve served hundreds of thousands of employees, helping drive work focus, excitement and profitability back to those organizations. We’ve taken all of our experience and bundled the best features together into a free-to-use platform,” says Michael Emoff, chief vision officer. “Our goal was to create something effective and affordable, easy to use, giving the power of ‘big’ to the ‘less than big’ companies.”