Bensussen Deutsch & Associates (PPAI 109381, D14) has been awarded the Quality Certification Alliance’s (QCA) Distributor Certificate. The QCA is a coalition dedicated to ensuring accountability and independent validation of corporate responsibility throughout the promotional product industry’s supply chain.

Built upon the QCA’s existing Advocacy Council, the Distributor Certification Program is designed specifically for the needs of distributors and decorators to allow them to further their commitment to brand safety and responsible sourcing. Like QCA’s Supplier Accreditation, it begins with a company completing a thorough self-assessment, which includes a gap analysis to identify process and procedure voids and requires supporting documentation for review by the QCA Compliance Committee. BDA is the first company to complete the program that was introduced in 2019.

From there, applicants build upon the self-assessment by developing a comprehensive compliance manual that ensures they have an effective program for detecting and deferring unsafe or non-compliant product before it enters into the supply chain. Upon successful completion of this process, a series of audits are authorized for the company’s headquarters, where corrective action may be required before certification is granted.

“Partnering with QCA saves us time and money because it expedites the process of verifying BDA’s policies and procedures,” says Jay Deutsch, BDA CEO and cofounder. “Without QCA Certification, clients would have to spend time to verify the quality of our processes and service offerings (i.e. providing proper working conditions, production that is environmentally friendly and product-safety compliant, etc.). As a result of our QCA Certification, we are able to engage in a transparent process that saves time and money by being able to easily attest to our compliance.”