BAG MAKERS Resumes Full Operations Following Malware Attack

BAG MAKERS, Inc. (PPAI 111408, S11) has resumed full operations following a January 13 malware attack on its IT systems. Most of the Union, Illinois-based supplier’s business-critical systems are restored, including phones, email, website, ERP business software and shipping. Customers can contact the company through normal communication channels for quotes, orders and order status inquiries.

BAG MAKERS was able to manually process, produce and ship orders for customers throughout the nine business days it was without many key systems. While systems are now back online, the company is working through the backlog of manually-processed orders that need to be finalized and entered into the electronic system, as well as continuing to process new orders. Customers should anticipate short-term processing and invoicing delays until this backlog is resolved. In addition, while the company is not yet guaranteeing standard production times, it is working hard to maintain established timeframes and will contact customers if there are issues meeting a requested ship date.

“Our IT team and third-party consultants worked tirelessly and around the clock to restore our systems and ensure all systems are now free of the malware,” says CEO Maribeth Sandford. “We are grateful to these dedicated team members for their expertise and problem-solving approach. We also want to thank our entire staff, who implemented creative and smart ways to continue working and keep orders moving for customers despite the challenges we faced. Finally, we want to thank our customers and friends in the industry for the outpouring of support and patience shown as we worked to resolve this difficult situation.”

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