American Solutions for Business (PPAI 101656) was recently presented the award for “Best Partner” from industry print supplier, QT2 (Quick Tab II). The supplier reported that not only did ASB fall within the top three in sales for QT2 in 2018, it is the first in continued growth over the last decade and in the top two for longevity in their “top tier.” In addition, QT2’s customer service department rates ASB as one of the best organizations to deal with one-on-one.

“It seems that ever since we became a Patriot Partner with ASB, business has steadily increased,” says Mike Daughenbaugh, QT2’s vice president of sales. “We are off to a great start with ASB for 2019. First quarter sales are up with ASB by 25 percent from the same timeframe last year.”

American Solutions for Business works with a network of trusted suppliers, contracted for various levels of partnership, Patriot being the highest level.

“We’re so grateful to have a partner like QT2,” says Ron Robinson, ASB’s director of vendor relations (above). “Their level of service, product selection and flexibility has opened up clear opportunities for sales growth.”