Through a recent company initiative, all full-time team members at Mosinee, Wisconsin, supplier Maple Ridge Farms (114165) have earned, at a minimum, their Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) certificate.

The importance of PPAI’s educational programs was reinforced by Jodie Schillinger, CAS, executive vice president at Maple Ridge, who piloted the initiative. She says, “Our goal in encouraging and supporting our entire full-time team to complete the TAS coursework was to share in the power of knowledge within PPAI. Our team now understands how the industry is inter-connected and dependent upon each other for collective success. Elevating our team and inspiring them to continue to utilize industry resources to better serve one another, and our customer-partners, is a core value with Maple Ridge Farms. With our team of leaders laying the foundation of knowledge, we are even better equipped to deliver customer-centric relationships, solutions, value, service and product. I am tremendously proud of our team.”

Shana Gardner, operational support administrator, adds, “It’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees, working for a supplier in such a niche industry category. Completing my TAS course, I learned how people in the industry need to work together, no matter the role played, to create a thriving distribution chain. I am excited by the thought of pursuing my CAS certification, delving even further into everything the industry and I can be.”

PPAI’s Trained Advertising Specialist (TAS) Certificate is an online educational professional development course that provides promotional products company employees a source for answers and knowledge about the industry. PPAI’s certification program also offers three additional certifications: Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS), Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) and Master Advertising Specialist Plus (MAS+). Find details on the program here.