AIM Smarter, LLC (PPAI 230461, D12) held its first national sales meeting, AIM XP, on June 4‐5. Originally, the event was scheduled to be live in San Francisco, California, but due to the impact of COVID‐19, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-headquartered distributor brought its community of distributors, preferred suppliers, industry experts and AIM staff together for AIM XP Virtual.

The event drew more than 400 registrants and featured sessions focused on social media and technology best practices, marketing and sales strategies, content specific to meeting the demands of the new market, as well as a discussion with AIM CEO Nichole Stella and ASI President and CEO Tim Andrews on the recovery and future of the industry. A collaborative chat session with suppliers Gold Bond, Gemline, Goldstar and BIC Graphic NA also gave AIM members the opportunity to hear about current challenges in the supply chain from a supplier perspective. AIM XP concluded with a selection of awards presented to AIM distributors and suppliers that best exemplify the AIM community’s core values.

“It was wonderful to see the AIM community come together on screen from every corner of the country to participate in the AIM XP event. During such unprecedented times, it was our objective to provide our community a place to connect, collaborate and share best practices when navigating this new norm,” says Stella.

Stacey McConnell, vice president of members services at AIM, adds, “I am thrilled to see that the virtual event was a great alternative to still connect with our AIM members. Building a strong community made up of distributor member professionals was a key component for this event and it was disappointing that we were not able to deliver this experience in San Francisco as planned. I can’t wait to bring everyone together in June 2021 in San Francisco to really kick this annual event off the way we intended. It will be an experience like no other!”

The AIM XP event will be an annual occurrence for the organization as one of several events designed to bring its distributor community together and provide them with industry knowledge and marketplace opportunity.