For years, NALC has provided education takeaways and networking opportunities to attendees. At this year’s event, attendees gave back to the host community by contributing their expertise to the Oasis Center, a local charity in Nashville.

“This is the first year we have introduced a community leadership initiative where a Nashville-based nonprofit has been chosen to work with,” says Catherine Graham, co-leader of the NALC Work Group.

After dinner, the new charitable effort was introduced by NALC Work Group members Jessica Hutwelker, MAS, Danny Rosin and Devin Piscitelli. A representative from the Oasis Centrer was on hand to tell attendees more about the group’s mission to serve troubled teens along with its many success stories. After dinner, attendees used their experience to offer marketing solutions to the group, along with financial contributions.

The idea was initially developed by Hutwelker, Rosin and Picitelli as a way to give back to the community. “Our intention was to provide the attendees an opportunity to help leave a community better than we found it and to create a template that could be replicated in years to come at the NALC host city that would engage the attendees,” says Hutwelker. “The response was phenomenal. There was collective mindshare to address the Oasis Center’s marketing challenges. Attendees also donated more than $5,000 in monetary and in-kind donations to be used as a marketing fund for the Oasis Center in their marketing campaigns and fundraising events.

“What was especially exciting was that it opened up conversations among the audience as to how to expand this concept to other PPAI and regional events in the future. We are grateful to PPAI and the NALC work group for their support of the initiative,” she says.

Graham adds, “The hope is that this will lay the foundation for NALC to give back to the host city for future events.”

Read more about the Oasis Center and make donations here.