An Inside Look At 21 Pyramid Award-Winning Promotions

When creativity, imagination and inspiration are matched with perfect products and flawless execution, the resulting campaign can spark spectacular success for the client—and the distributor and supplier partner. Last month, at The PPAI Expo, PPAI presented its coveted PPAI 2016 Pyramid Awards to 29 companies to recognize outstanding promotional campaigns in nine program categories. Each was presented with a custom trophy from sponsor Visions/Awardcraft.

For decades, the PPAI Pyramid Award has recognized the creativity and the exceptional use of promotional products by distributor members in a variety of client programs and campaigns. Read on to see who took home the prized trophies this year at the gold and silver level, and explore these award-winning campaigns to ignite your own imagination.

Gold Winners

nfp3 web

Category: Not-For-Profit Programs

Distributor: Advantages

Type of client: Non-profit, education organization

Target audience: 150 committed and traditional Jews who are not observant, work 80-90 hours per week on Wall Street, earn $1 million annually with a six-figure bonus and donate to welfare causes.

Timing: Direct mailer sent to target audience prior to Hanukkah 2014

Other media used: Direct mail, print ads

Program’s primary objective: The program focused on securing donors to make financial contributions to an organization representing Hebrew schools.

Total program cost (including promotional products, media, printing, packaging, etc.): $33,325

Strategy and execution: Advantages sought to identify wealthy potential donors working in the financial sector who had a Jewish upbringing and convert them into donors by bringing them back to childhood memories and re-awakening their Jewish identity. The first set of ads relied on bold headlines to pique the curiosity of the reader. By invoking the names of universally-recognized business leaders such as Warren Buffett, and placing ads specifically in The Wall Street Journal, the client’s new brand was launched into a fresh marketplace filled with untapped potential. The second series of ads showed the value of a Jewish education by showcasing people who attended the supported day schools, and went on to become titans of industry and leaders in their respective fields. This approach offered hard evidence of the client’s importance as a nurturer of future leaders. With the client’s new brand identity firmly established, it was time for a direct appeal. Armed with a select list of high net-worth prospective donors, the distributor designed two novelty mailings. First, a Hanukkah-themed gift box that included a menorah, candles and a dreidel; and second, a limited edition bottle of vintage Kosher for Passover wine encased in custom packaging.

Results: The budget was set at a maximum of $65,000 and the program came in roughly 50 percent lower, generated a 15-percent response rate (the client’s goal was 10 percent) and built seven significant relationships (the client’s goal was five).

nfp1 web

Category: Not-For-Profit Programs

Distributor: Business Impact Group

Type of client: A non-profit 501(c)3 organization with the mission of raising capital funds for the renovation and preservation of Iowa’s historic fairgrounds.

Target audience: 1,800 fairgoers of all age ranges representing middle- to upper-income households within an 80-mile radius of the Des Moines metro area.

Timing: July 12, 2014 in the William C. Knapp Varied Industries Building on the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Other media used: Web, email, direct mail, print and large signage, radio, television and social media.

Program’s primary objective: To break a record in both attendance and money raised by building an even more cohesive and interesting campaign auction theme from previous years.

Total program cost: $39,634

Strategy and execution: The intent of the campaign theme, “Rock’n Round the Grounds,” was designed to target the majority of the attendees by drawing on the sentiment they feel for the Iowa State Fair. Past data suggests that creating a fun, engaging event where attendees can emotionally attach themselves to a nostalgic theme increases support for giving. The campaign team developed a unifying musical look and brand that was incorporated and advertised in all printed materials and social media. All components worked in sync, from the letterhead, envelopes, media kit (which resembled an album cover) and invitation, to the auction book, game bandana, volunteer t-shirt, guitar-shaped hand fan, miniature guitar, etc. Strategic distribution of the pieces included mailings, e-blasts, Facebook posts and blogs beginning in April and continuing through to the week of the event.

Results: The event drew more attendees than previous events and raised a record $424,000.

int9 web

Category: International Communication Programs

Distributor: Gephart Marketing Solutions, LLC

Type of client: Private, independent biomedical research foundation

Target audience: 250 board members, employees and volunteers/supporters

Timing: The kickoff was in San Francisco/Half Moon Bay, California in April 2015, and the final celebration gala was at Research Triangle Park near Durham, North Carolina in May 2015.

Program’s primary objective: To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the fund and to energize the board, staff and volunteers for the next 60 years.

Total program cost: Approximately $185,000 including travel and entertainment

Strategy and execution: The kick-off celebration was a whale-watching outing in California for the board of directors that included warm hoodies for the boat trip and special waterproof binoculars to bring the action closer, as well as a journal to keep notes, a special watertight cooler bag and a lunch kit for refreshments. For the outdoor dinner in North Carolina, guests received a goodie bag—a messenger bag containing a custom, three-inch anniversary coin, multi-charger connector cord, mini AC wall charger and first-aid kit including Neosporin. As guests left the dinner, they were presented with an 18- by 12-inch poster featuring the dates 1955-2015. The items were chosen to relate to the foundation’s history that includes pharmaceuticals and high tech employees and board members.

Results: Attendance of 100 percent at the kick-off in California (85-90 percent was expected) and standing room only at the May dinner. After the word got out about the fun and gifts from the April kickoff, tickets to the May dinner became a most sought-after item.

int10 web

Category: Internal Communication Programs

Distributor: Hillary’s, LLC

Type of client: The analytic testing lab and consulting service of a major consumer brand

Target audience: 100 employees and 15 contract employees of the lab, and 100 employee families

Program’s primary objectives: To acknowledge and thank the employees’ families for support during an upcoming extended and intense work period, and to introduce a new logo and show appreciation, create goodwill and celebrate the move to new space.

Total program cost: $20,269

Strategy and execution: Hillary’s developed a big picture comprehensive strategic plan (with a detailed timeline) for the lab as it launched a new logo and built a new, $14 million wing on its building. The distributor also developed a strategy for messaging, delivery of product collateral and a timeline for the employee/contractor tool kits and family gifts. The family gift was designed to give the employees’ families an enjoyable evening together with either a take-out dinner and a movie or dinner in a restaurant. The employee tool kit was designed to help acclimate them to a new, open work environment.

con3 web

Category: Consumer Programs

Distributor: Progressive Promotions, Inc.

Type of client: Major food and beverage manufacturer

Target audience: More than 200,000 consumers who frequent the brand’s website and those who shop at select grocery stores in Canada

Timing: The program took place across Canada from 2014 until July 2015.

Other media: Web, video

Program’s primary objective: The goal was to bring the iconic Peanut Butter Bears, who represent the company’s peanut butter brand, to life. The program was part of the company’s “Stick Together” campaign, which aims to build stronger emotional connections with Millennial families.

Total program cost: Promotional products and packaging: $2.5 million; media: more than $1 million. This was the company’s largest campaign in its history.

Strategy and execution: The company’s team approached Progressive Promotions to create two custom teddy bears ultimately named “Crunchy” and “Smoothy,” the company’s top-selling peanut butter flavors. Due to the company’s strict regulations on testing, Progressive Promotions paired up with the most well-known brand name for plush toys: GUND. The distributor delivered a superior product that matched the signature visual of each bear in an extremely tight timeline by rolling out the entire program, from ideation and sample creation to final product delivered in-hands within three months. Due to the success of this program, the company re-ordered more of the products and is looking toward additional re-orders in 2016.

Results: Once the bears were placed in the market, 115,000 sets sold out in an astonishing two weeks, hence the reason for the re-order of bears for 2015. The program has been extremely successful and this may be an ongoing program for years to come.

con1 web

Category: Consumer Programs

Distributor: Shumsky

Type of client: Minor league baseball team

Target audience: Approximately 5,500 season ticket holders

Timing: The program took place during the 2014-2015 baseball season.

Program’s primary objective: To inspire loyalty among season ticket holders and create a buzz for the upcoming minor league baseball season.

Total program cost: Approximately $20,000

Strategy and execution: Brainstorming began in November 2014 to find a fun way to package season tickets. Previously used concepts included a custom home-plate box, metal tin/lunch box and a wooden cigar box all designed and printed with the team’s branding. It was decided to design an imitation of a Wheaties cereal box using the team mascot, Heater, on the front of the box and to call the product “Heaties.” The box contained a sample of the Limited Edition cereal, season tickets and owner’s manual, a magnet and pocket schedule, and a “free prize” (custom promotional keychain). The full imprint on the box was jam-packed with information such as the opening date, team social media icons, serving sizes (of fun!), alumni players, QR codes, “best if used by date” (the date of the last home game in the 2015 season), and six puzzles and quizzes. All the giveaway promotional materials were delivered by March for final distribution to the season ticket holders.

Results: The program helped drive a 92-percent retention rate for season ticket holders. The impression this promotion made set the tone for opening day and increased overall game attendance, too.

Silver Winners

con6 web

Category: Consumer Programs

Distributor: All That Jazz, an iPROMOTEu affiliate

Type of client: Book publisher

Target audience: Those who read the author’s books, website and daily posts

Program’s primary objective: To increase retail sales of the author’s book series and increase brand awareness for the publisher.

Total program cost: The product cost was approximately $5,300.

Strategy and execution: A custom bee plush toy, George The Bee, based on a character in the book series, was created and sold through special packaging as a stand-alone item as well as bundled with the purchase of one or two books. This was an online promotion through the website and social media sites where the books are sold.

Results: There were 750 plush toys produced and about a third were sold as of the Pyramid award deadline. The client is considering creating other plush items for the other characters in the book.

div5 web

Category: Diversity & Social Responsibility Programs

Distributor: Concepts & Associates, Inc.

Type of client: Athletic fundraiser for a homeless and veteran recovery program/nonprofit

Target audience: Fundraisers (60-70 competitors), 500-plus donors, 10-plus corporate sponsors, friends, family and employers of competitors

Timing: May 2015 at Georgia Tech’s Griffin Track in Atlanta, Georgia

Other media: Web, email, local television news, newspapers, various social media outlets and word-of-mouth.

Program’s primary objective: To raise money for the organization from a diverse donor base and to encourage others live out its motto while creating a fun, athletic event/combine in hopes this event will continue for years to come.

Total program cost (including promotional products, media, printing, packaging, etc.): Approximately $35,000, which included equipment, venue, insurance, uniforms, promotional bag, PR firm, DJ/audio, tent and stage.

Strategy and execution: Those helped by this program grow from coming in at rock bottom and being transformed and healed with a newly rekindled faith, and stronger family and community atmosphere. A Nike designer created a logo featuring three green dots in the shape of a triangle, representing growth and the Holy Trinity. The slogan was established—“Empower Atlanta’s homeless and veteran community to transform their lives by transforming yours” which conveyed how this event not only helps homeless men and women, and veterans, but also helps those who compete to transform their lifestyle through the training and nutrition needed for participation. Competitors paid a $100 registration fee and were pleasantly surprised when they received an ultra-high-quality promotional goody bag featuring items they could use at the event and in training while helping promote the event and brand, thus recruiting more competitors and encouraging participation year after year.

Results: The goal was to recruit 60-70 participants with each expected to raise $500 plus a $100 entry fee, for a total of $36,000-$42,000. Corporate sponsors were expected to contribute $10,000-$20,000. The promotional bag helped double the number of participants and expectations for a total amount raised of $103,000.

div1 web

Category: Diversity & Social Responsibility Programs

Distributor: Geiger

Type of client: Hotel/resort

Target audience: A total of 713 existing customers who held or booked events at one or more of the seven Caribbean and Mexico resort locations.

Timing: This was a direct mail program sent by USPS Priority Mail in the first week of December 2014.

Program’s primary objective: The mailing was sent as an appreciation/goodwill gift to express thanks for the customers’ loyalty from the resort salespeople.

Total program cost (including promotional products, media, printing, packaging, etc.): $25,697

Strategy and execution: The company has a philosophy of giving back, so “Spirit to Serve” was developed as the slogan for the outside of the mailer. Inside, the tagline “Giving Service, Giving Thanks, Giving Back” followed the theme of the mailing to thank customers and provide them an opportunity to donate. The mailer included a card that allowed recipients to go online and make a $20 donation to the charity of their choice as a way of giving back during the holidays. A business card was also inserted into each package. Each card included a redemption code on the back.

Results: As of June 2015, 33 percent of the donation cards had been redeemed. Based on the client’s previous surveys and Direct Marketing Association stats that say the average rate of return on direct mail campaigns is 4.4 percent, the customer deemed this campaign to be a huge success.

dsc2 web

Category: Distributor/Supplier Collaboration

Distributor/Supplier: JR Resources/Milano Worldwide Corp.

Type of client: TV show

Target audience: The cast and crew members of Comedy Central, and team at Viacom and the New York City Mayor’s Office of Film—a total of 250 people.

Timing: The packages were drop-shipped between Christmas 2014 and New Years 2015.

Program’s primary objective: The show’s host wanted to send a snow globe as a thank-you to those who worked on the show and to provide a lasting memento of the show’s set in miniature.

Total program cost (including promotional products, media, printing, packaging, etc.): $65,000, which also included logoed apparel for the client.

Strategy and execution: The show’s host had a vision and the distributor’s job was to bring that vision into a tangible reality. The timing of the distribution of the product was perfect—to arrive on the doorstep of every staff member’s personal residence after the completion of the final show and in the span between Christmas and New Year’s Day, to say thank you and best wishes for the start of a new year and their next career journey.

emp5 webCategory: Employee Incentive Programs

Distributor: Bamko Promotional Items (UPIC: Bamko783)

Type of Client: Satellite television provider

Target audience: Approximately 2,700 internal call center employees, mostly men ages 18-30.

Timing: Nationwide, ongoing, launched in April 2015

Other media: Web, email

Program’s primary objective: To drive employee engagement and incentivize increased sales. The client wanted to do so in a way that promoted the brand, increased employee loyalty and boosted both morale and performance among employees. The goal was to create effective employees who were proud to serve as brand ambassadors.

Total program cost (including promotional products, media, printing, packaging, etc.): The cost was still ongoing by the Pyramid Award deadline but was in excess of $250,000 at the time of submission.

Strategy and execution: The client’s system of rewarding employees was missing the mark. The program felt transactional and did nothing to develop brand loyalty. They were looking for something transformational—a program that would make employees proud of the company and motivated to perform. Bamko’s programming team developed an online shopping portal where employees could redeem branded “bucks” for custom-branded products. Bamko maintained the online store, updated the products monthly, and oversaw warehousing and fulfillment.

Bamko dove in deep to get a thorough understanding of its target audience. That analysis of a largely male, Millennial target demographic led Bamko to a heavy emphasis on branded tech-related products. Products selected leaned toward cutting-edge, trending and cool products with a sprinkling of apparel and wearable items to help develop brand awareness and company pride. Those included were Bluetooth speakers, headphones, water bottle, touchscreen gloves, a waterproof case and an amp charger.

Results: Monthly call center volume has risen, on average, by nine percent across the board. Internal employee surveys reflect a 13-percent improvement in employee engagement. Customer satisfaction surveys reflect a seven-percent improvement since program inception.

This campaign also won a silver 2016 Pyramid Award in the category of Sales Incentive Programs.

gdw5 web

Category: Goodwill Programs

Distributor: Freestyle Marketing

Type of Business: Advertising agency

Target audience: 150 Reebok athletes affiliated with Crossfit

Timing: The program rolled out in July 2014 for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson, California and ended in September 2014.

Program’s primary objective: In honor of the Reebok CrossFit Games, Reebok served up some “ReebokBacon” and sent a special box to Reebok athletes so they would tweet about the experience and alert their followers at #reebokbacon. A few social media winners also received this gift after the games to keep the buzz going.

Total program cost: $16,000

Strategy and execution: The agency created a campaign called ReebokBacon to promote attendance and excitement for the Reebok CrossFit Games. A lot of CrossFit athletes are on the Paleo diet, meaning they do not eat any processed food. One treat they are allowed to indulge in is bacon. Freestyle sourced and created a Paleo-friendly bacon box for influencers to enjoy and spread the buzz via their social media followers.The bacon itself was made of only pork and salt. They created a custom box identical to a Reebok shoe box with a special die-cut shape of the Reebok logo to show the bacon. Since raw bacon is perishable, the distributor sourced special packaging to keep the product cold for 24 hours during the shipping process. The product sourcing, design work, production, fulfillment and delivery was completed within a three-week period.

Results: More than 100 million impressions were achieved across all social media channels.

gdw3 web

Category: Goodwill Programs

Distributor: Geiger

Type of Business: Veterinary clinic

Target audience: Approximately 1,500 clients were part of this mailing program, representing 2,119 pet clients.

Timing: The program took place in December 2014.

Program’s primary objective: To create loyalty among clients and make them feel connected with their pets’ health care provider.

Total program cost: $3,883

Strategy and execution: The clinic wanted to provide its clients with something unique. A photo was taken of each pet during clinic appointments and kept in a database. Using variable data printing, a personalized calendar card was created featuring the pet’s name and a photo. Using the card’s calendar feature, scheduled follow-up appointments were included as well. The response from the pet owners was overwhelmingly positive.

Results: This program resulted in strong community buzz. Clients have shared stories of how they have seen these cards shared at social events and public settings. Most clients returning for appointments still thank the doctor for his thoughtful gift.

hth3 web

Category: Health/Wellness Programs

Distributor: Geiger

Type of Business: Healthcare

Target audience: Pregnant women in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area who had previously delivered one preterm baby.

Program’s primary objective: To educate expectant mothers who experienced premature childbirth and place them on a regimen that would facilitate a normal gestation period.

Total program cost: $107,980

Strategy and execution: The women were referred to the program when they were prescribed a medication. Once they signed up and completed the first telephone assessment, they began to receive the promotional mailings. The first was a welcome kit that included a welcome letter, an injection schedule, yoga towel, journal book, two-ounce candle tin and yoga tag referencing an online video. Also included in the kit were educational materials. Participants continued to receive the education material mailings at weeks 21, 25, 28 and 35 of gestation. After childbirth the participants were sent a post-delivery assessment, a graduation letter and a newborn branded bib.

Results: Of the 54 women referred to this program, 48 patients actively participated. This achieved a 90 percent participation rate, which far exceeded expectations.

int4 web

Category: Internal Communication Programs

Distributor: Summit Group, Inc.

Type of Client: Airline

Target audience: 23,000 employed flight attendants and 100 trainers educating the primary group on new technology

Timing: The rollout commenced in June 2015 at the hub airports around the globe.

Program’s primary objective: Create a packaging solution plus relevant products supporting rollout of iPhone 6+ for all flight attendants. Requirements: it must fit in company-issued totes and protect all the pieces as one unit, be useful to ensure the devices are charged for work duties and have a unified brand presence.

Total program cost: $445,000.

Strategy and execution: Two months prior to rollout, the airline realized it needed a single unit for the iPhone 6+, credit card device and chargers. The bag/case had to fit in the company-issued tote. The solution was a custom zippered case with elastic and mesh to organize the items within stringent safety and compliance parameters. Also included was an international travel adapter; custom case to protect the phone when not in flight; custom dual port USB adapter to charge devices, uniform shirts for trainers and journals for note taking.

Results: The package design was successful, fitting into the existing tote. The rollout was highly successful, trainers were easily visible and the airline was pleased with the products and is now making them available on their intranet catalog.

int11 web

Category: Internal Communication Programs

Distributor: The Planet Group, an iPROMOTEu affiliate

Type of Client: Shopping center

Target audience: Approximately 250 representatives from each store along with mall management and administrative staff.

Timing: An invitation went out two weeks prior to the event to each store, inviting them to attend the annual retailers breakfast meeting.

Other media: Email, hand-delivered invitation

Program’s primary objective: Mall management wanted to thank its 220 retailers for their support in 2015, and share the 2016 marketing and construction initiatives. The meeting had to leave the retailers with a feeling of recognition and ensure they were excited for how manaagement would spend its 2016 marketing fund.

Total program cost: Approximately $30,000

Strategy and execution: To create excitement for a fun and lively morning-show-themed breakfast meeting, printed invitations were inserted into ceramic coffee mugs that were hand-delivered to the 220 retailers. At the event, a custom-made marketing binder was given that included informational tab inserts for quick reference and easy filing of future correspondence.

Guests left with a logoed bag filled with a glass iced-tea infusion water bottle, a pen, two mobile phone silicone card holders and a 4GB USB, all color-matched to their fashionable new branding colors of black, purple and white. Since guests have limited opportunity to use personal items while at work, these items were chosen for their personal mobility and non-competitive nature to the retailers.

nfp4 web

Category: Not-For-Profit Programs

Distributor: Gephart Marketing Solutions, LLC

Type of client: Military veterans foundation

Target audience: Businesses and individuals near Raleigh, North Carolina.

Program’s primary objective: To incentivize people to give more money and become more involved in the organization. To reward sponsors, donors and hosts for their contributions.

Total program cost: $35,000

Strategy and execution: Gephart was asked to help provide buzzworthy incentives to raise awareness, donor participation and fundraising and target diverse audiences who would attend rallies at Harley-Davidson dealerships, chamber events and black-tie galas. It chose a black bandana for motorcycle events featuring sponsor names and the logo; a hat, lapel pin, dog tag, oval magnet and a t-shirt for staff, which were later reordered and sold as a fundraiser.

Results: The project resulted in a 30-percent increase above targeted fundraising goals and a 40-percent increase in volunteer recruitment goals.

nfp6 web

Category: Not-for-Profit Programs

Distributor: The Planet Group, an IPROMOTEu affiliate

Type of client: A nonprofit organization to encourage daily physical activity

Target audience: 770,000 adults and children across Canada through schools, community groups and events

Timing: Event kits were sent to approximately 1,200 schools, athletic associations and clubs, and community centers three weeks before the event.

Program’s primary objective: The organization’s goal was to draw 600,000 Canadians at 1,000 community events leading up to the RBC Sports Day in Canada, a nationally televised event viewed by millions, which celebrates the power of sport while helping to build communities and get Canadians of all ages moving.

Total program cost: Approximately $1 million

Strategy and execution: Three months prior to the event, school coordinators, community organizers and sports groups registered their local events leading up to the nationally televised event. Kits in English or French were sent to the target audience and included items such as t-shirts, jerseys, foldable water bottles, mini basketballs, posters, banners, bookmarks, clothing stickers and temporary tattoos.

Results: More than 1,250 kits were shipped to community events, which attracted 750,000 attendees.

sin4 web

Category: Sales Incentive Programs

Distributor: Grapevine Designs, LLC

Type of client: Financial

Target audience: 750 financial advisors who attend an annual internal sales meeting

Program’s primary objective: To develop and provide an attendee registration kit that represents their brand well and is functional in servicing client needs

Total program cost: $75,000

Strategy and execution: This project involves six months of intense weekly planning sessions with the client to engage and work with not only internal staff but other supplier partners to coordinate efforts for the entire logistics of the event. It begins with a planning and consultation phase to develop custom product solutions and solidify a sophisticated fulfillment road map, project management and oversight.

Results: Grapevine has been providing the client with its annual meeting materials for the past 12 years, and attendees consistently give favorable responses about the materials.

trd-5b web

Category: Tradeshow/Exhibit Traffic Programs

Distributor: Hillary’s, LLC

Type of client: The analytic testing lab and consulting service of a major food manufacturer

Target audience: Approximately 600 trade-show registrants who are producers of ingredients or finished products in the grain industry

Timing: Strategy planning began mid-June 2014; the active trade-show marketing campaign began in September 2014 and the event was held on October 5-7, 2014.

Program’s primary objective: To secure 14 scheduled meetings with qualified prospects for appointments to take place during the show. To convey that a testing lab can be a true partner beyond “testing.”

Total program cost: $13,076

Strategy and execution: With a messaging and missing-puzzle-piece campaign, Hillary’s conveyed how a testing lab can be a partner by developing two taglines: “Sometimes it only takes one piece to pull it all together” and “[company name] is our missing piece.” It also designed a four-week, pre-show, multi-touch campaign with all touchpoints centered on the messaging. All products carried the “missing piece” (puzzle piece) message and supported the client’s brand through colors, graphic icon and fonts. The distributor also developed new business cards and eye-catching booth collateral to support the pre-show campaign.

Results: The program generated 126 leads, 30 appointments at the show (the goal was 14) and came in within the client’s budget. Some products (business cards, apparel) were planned for use beyond this one event.

trd4 web

Category: Tradeshow/Exhibit Traffic Programs

Distributor: Threadmasters

Type of client: Medical equipment manufacturer

Target audience: Approximately 1,000-1,200 dental/oral surgeon sales staff at a national sales meeting

Program’s primary objective: The client wanted to create a buzz at a trade show and encourage attendees to stop by the booth to see a new nasal mask.

Total program cost: Approximately $25,000

Strategy and execution: The client reached out to Threadmasters in advance of a trade show and requested a teddy bear on which a specific nasal mask would fit. They wanted to show the usage of the mask by fitting it on the bear’s nose and then giving the bear to the attendee to take back to their office. A bear was researched and selected, and bags were ordered in which to insert the bear along with a marketing information flyer.

Results: The bear successfully created excitement at the booth allowing the opportunity to introduce the new product line, and booth attendance doubled over the prior year’s event.

Tina Berres Filipski is editor of PPB.

Editor’s Note: Total program cost includes all costs associated with the program, such as promotional products, media, printing, packaging, etc.

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