One sure way that clients can get their message across—and very “tastefully” so—is with food. After all, as they say, the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, right? But for companies looking to promote their brand, or for suppliers and distributors catering to these companies, the Eddie is here to help in a big way.

Developed by Primera Technology, Inc., a Plymouth, Minnesota-based manufacturer of specialty color printers, the Eddie is described as the world’s first and only edible ink printer that’s certified by both the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulation (GMP) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). 

In just two minutes, the desktop direct-to-cookie printer can print full-color photographs, text, logos or branding directly onto a dozen 3.5-inch cookies or treats of similar size, like white chocolate, lollipops, cake toppers, candy, biscuits, macaroons, certain frostings and more. The printer works by use of a carousel feeder, a hands-free, automatic process that rotates the cookies into the printing position and sends them out after they’re finished. Something that may very well be useful in the promotional products industry, the treats are immediately dry and ready to sell, and even better, the printing is bright, vibrant and smudge-resistant, and color-matched to ICC Color Standard.

The technology is one that could prove a gamechanger for clients in the food and hospitality industries especially, and can offer a potential tool for promotional products distributors and suppliers looking to add an additional element of customization to their clients, and grow sales.


Danielle Renda is associate editor of PPB.