In February, Braintree, Massachusetts, supplier HPG launched its Storyboard+ platform; a sales presentation tool that allows distributors to create visual boards featuring products with their logo, to share with their clients.

The tool, which has an aesthetic reminiscent of the image-sharing social media platform Pinterest, permits distributors, with merely a few taps, to browse and choose from hundreds of HPG products, upload their client’s logo to create a visual mockup of the product, and customize details like size and color, when applicable. Distributors can then save the collection as a new “storyboard” or add the items to another storyboard, as well as email the visual to their client, share it to social media, print it out or keep it for reference—and best of all, it only takes a few minutes.

“The biggest benefits of Storyboard+ is the speed of response to opportunities it enables,” says Ben Pawsey, VP of Marketing. “Speed is key to win more business and as soon as a client asks a distributor for some promo product ideas, the clock starts ticking. With Storyboard+, you can load that client logo, see it appear on products instantly, build a Pinterest-like board of ideas and send it off to that client in less than five minutes.”

Pawsey created a demonstration storyboard with Promotional Products Work! branding for PPB, with a selection of products shown here:

The platform was inspired by an earlier tool, Catalog+, which distributors used to process some 10 million product visuals in 2021, Pawsey says. “This showed us that distributors valued a simple tool that allowed them to create visuals themselves.” Cutting down on time and adding convenience, the platform was designed by two of HPG’s on-staff developers, and includes options to search products using filters like new, trending and plant-friendly, and to add or hide information, like pricing, minimum order quantity and stock-keeping unit (SKU).


The platform is also there to inspire distributors and their clients alike. Storyboard+ features hundreds of stock art images, so what when designing custom products, logos aren’t being placed against solid black or white backgrounds; a feature that Pawsey says is “key” for products with a large, full-color imprint area, such as a table cover, beverage insulator or mouse pad. The platform is also smart enough to identify the primary color in a logo, Pawsey says, which makes it easy to cohesively incorporate it into all products.

A beta version of Storyboard+ launched at The PPAI Expo 2022 and currently features 400 new and best-selling products, with a goal to have more than 1,000 products available through the platform by summer’s end. “Usage of Storyboard+ continues to grow week over week,” Pawsey says. “We’re seeing thousands of storyboards being created each month now. The tool will continue to evolve as we get more feedback, so we’re really excited to keep hearing what distributors think and see what this becomes in time.’

To access Storyboard+, visit


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Danielle Renda is an associate editor at PPAI.