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Promotional campaigns profit from products with staying power

There’s something interesting and fun about products that stick, whether by adhesive, putty, magnetism or suction. Perhaps those products instantly take us back to fun childhood memories such as playing with modeling clay or receiving a smiley face sticker on a spelling test. Maybe it’s more scientific and the reason people gravitate towards products that stick is because they engage most of our senses. While stickers are an easy, inexpensive way to promote a brand—step onto any college campus and you’ll find students hunched over laptops heavily personalized with their favorite brand stickers—they’re just one of many players in the sticky category.

Promote Your Brand With These Sticky Products

football message movers webChase Message Mover web

Add some fun to your company’s message with Message Movers™. The three-way suction cup allows you to adhere your message to any flat surface, where its movement will make it stand out.

Nationwide Promotions LLC UPIC: colormag

Embossed Labels webfoil labels web

Get your products noticed with Foil Imprint and Embossed Labels. Choose from 14 standard imprint colors or five holographic foil imprint colors. Or add a new dimension to product labels with embossing. Embossing and foil imprint together bring impact to any product.

Discount Labels, Inc. UPIC: DISC0002

Instant Embroidery High-Res

Just peel and stick to make any product look professionally embroidered. Instant Embroidery is a quick, easy solution for your next event. Usages include business and corporate apparel, uniforms, trade shows, and non-apparel items, such as bags, shoes, mugs and desk accessories.

Suntex Industries UPIC: SUNTEX


Stick on some fun at the next company team event or sales promotion with U.S.-made EyeBlack, the under-eye sports strips popular with athletes. The stickers are perfect for co-branding, cause marketing, social media marketing, hashtags, logos or brand colors.

EyeBlack UPIC: Eyeblack

Stiki phone stand web

This two-in-one Sticki Charger/Smartphone Stand includes an attached suction cup and a peek-a-boo window that reveals the branding area. Recharge your electronic device through the USB port while simultaneously using the phone stand.

Spector & Co. UPIC: SPEC0038

Value Stick Calendars web

Get your message across to clients, prospects or even employees every day of the year with Value Stick Calendars. Select from wide variety of shapes and colors.

Warwick Publishing Company UPIC: WARWICK

Memo Boards web

These Memo Boards feature a removable, repositionable adhesive that allows the user to stick them anywhere. Make notes, lists, schedules and reminders where it is convenient for you, including file cabinets, refrigerators, desks, cupboards, dorm room walls and doors. Customize the entire surface area with full color graphics. A write-on pen and c-clip are also included.

LarLu UPIC: LarLu

cube holiday top sheet web

A logoed Stik-withit® Note Cube is the perfect canvas for a holiday greeting on the top sheet. Then, use the ultra-repositionable notes all year long.



Promote a company or organization’s message with Static Clings. The thick clear backer sheet gives this product a clear premium look for viewing reverse-printed graphics and the hang hole makes it easy to display. It’s a great option for nonprofit groups, university bookstores, alumni associations, sports teams and more. Custom shapes and sizes are available.

Magna-Tel, Inc. UPIC: MAGNATEL

Picture 780

Pitch customized WikkiStix Play Packs to restaurants, airlines, banks, car dealerships, doctors—or anywhere that requires children to wait. This no-mess activity keeps kids occupied and gives parents a break—all while promoting your brand.

The Wikki Stix Co. UPIC: Wikki

Weepuls web

Weepuls feature crack-n-peel feet that can adhere to soft and hard surfaces. From clothing and vehicle dashboards to desktops and computer monitors, Weepuls stick around and make people smile. Pom colors, ribbon shape, color and imprint, and what the Weepul holds and wears, are all customizable.


Beacon Phone Holder web

The powerful suction in this Car Phone/GPS Holder enables you to stick this clip on practically any windshield or flat surface. The silicone-lined grip keeps your phone or GPS safe and secure and the clip ensures a great fit. The clip spans four inches when open and will hold all phone or GPS models.

Beacon Promotions UPIC: BEACONP

Things to do list

The Things To Do Adhesive List is a popular sized note pad for the refrigerator at three by eight inches. Create any message with a full-color custom imprint. Add a personal note in the top line to create brand awareness.


tech tattoos web

Everyone can be a superfan of your brand with ultra-removable vinyl Tech Tattoos. Printed in full color, there are several decals per sheet. Use the decals to personalize your laptop, cell phone MP3 and tablet.

Gill Studios UPIC: gill

WOWLine slime web

Great for kids of all ages, Slime comes in a 1 ¼-inch container and is available in assorted colors.


Case Study:

Indirect embroidery cover web

Cover, Don’t Toss

Have you ever received an order of embroidered promotional items only to find that the logo or text is incorrect? Such a waste, right? Not anymore. Supplier Windswept Marketing, Inc. (UPIC: Windswep) has a solution that will save you time and money. The company’s Indirect Embroidery™ Covers are applied using a patented process that completely hides the incorrect image or text without any unsightly backing. For example, when a distraught distributor received 3,000 incorrectly embroidered premium jackets for a huge national event, “we created a new Indirect Embroidery event logo that completely covered the incorrect logo,” says Brian Fuchs, president of Windswept. “No one had any idea and we saved the company about $1.5 million in retail sales.”

Creative Combinations

Coming up with creative solutions is all in a day’s work for distributors in the promotional products industry. Hillary Feder, MAS, president of Hillary’s (UPIC: HILLARYS) has been churning out ideas for unique and memorable promotions for 26 years. Here are a few of those ideas for campaigns that have included products with sticky qualities.

Audience Participation

Feder often suggests using magnetic sculpture puzzles in promotional campaigns involving organizational change, which are “almost exclusively around people and how to balance.” To increase engagement, she has clients run a contest to “see how cool of a shape [participants] can create with the magnetic sculpture,” she says. Then the participants take a picture and send it to a pre-determined email address. The photos are posted (on an intranet or public website) so peer voting can take place.

man playing with sculpture web

Lasting Impression

To help a client with a training reinforcement campaign for users of their software, Feder’s team created a three-part reinforcement, with one part delivered after each training module. The three pieces were: a flexible USB drive, a flexible multi-port hub and Crazy Aaron's putty that changed colors. “Using their heat-activated putty, and the fact that the putty is really flexible, helped send home the message and was unexpected after the first two types of products. Many recipients called my client, telling them about the things they were making with the putty and how cool it was that it changed colors,” adds Feder.

Crazy Aaron's Putty web



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