Q: Over the past year, what extra actions have you taken to strengthen your company’s culture and keep employees engaged, motivated and happy at work?

Shawn LaFave, MAS, President/Chief Branding Officer, North Georgia Promotions

“Over the past year, we have increased communication with our employees to keep them informed as much as possible. Sometimes we had to let them know this was subject to change as management had not made a full review of the upcoming changes, but we worked to keep them informed and as up-to-date as we could about the ever-changing environment. We have begun offering non-monetary incentives to our employees, such as oven-ready meals they can choose from and take home to share with their families, in addition to the company purchasing lunches for employees. We have also made it a point to thank employees for their time and hard work. Too many times we take it for granted that our employees realize they are appreciated.”