Service Superheroes

Eight Who Create Unforgettable Customer Service

If you ask customers about your company’s quality of service it always comes back to the people. Chances are there will be some comments about procedures, systems and policies but ultimately it’s the people who really make your customer service operation shine.

Those who excel in customer service share a number of winning attributes: They respond quickly to customers’ requests and needs, they take responsibility for seeing projects through to completion—even if it involves tasks that are not in their job description—and they are empowered with the authority to do whatever it takes to ultimately make their customers happy. And one more important thing: they care.

Companies who outclass others in customer service usually do so because their people truly care about the experience their customers, both internal and external, receive, and they care enough to make sure that experience is exceptional.

PPB set out to find some of the best examples of extraordinary service in the promotional products industry for our annual feature on Service Superheroes. Read on to see this year’s lineup and learn more about how they deliver a remarkable experience.

The Rapport Builder

carrie_conde3064_webCarrie Conde

Sales Executive


Salt Lake City, Utah

Tenure at SnugZ USA: 11 years, including positions in order entry and sales support

Nominated by: K.C. Fields, owner, K.C. Fields and Associates

Why She’s A Superhero:

For the past 20 years, multi-line rep K.C. Fields has represented supplier SnugZ USA, and for the past 10 years Conde has been his inside sales contact. During Fields’ long career, he says he’s worked with many good inside sales and customer service people but Conde provides the highest level of service to distributors. “Carrie has the ability to educate our distributors on our products and services in an incredibly short period of time,” he says. “She works many national and regional trade shows and when she is finished working with a customer you can just tell that they are well prepared to present and sell SnugZ USA products and services. Carrie has a wonderful work attitude and personality, and customers absolutely love her work ethic. I could go on and on about Carrie, but the bottom line is, she is the best.”

How Carrie Saved The Day:

Conde’s office is located at SnugZ USA in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is on Mountain Time, but she services a territory on Eastern Time, two hours ahead. Even so, Fields says Conde has come into the office many times at 6 am MT to help customers who need assistance on important issues. Plus, he’s called her outside of office hours on urgent issues that could not wait until the next business day. “Carrie has taken her personal time to run down tracking numbers, quote large-quantity orders and contact our customers who have questions about products and delivery. All of this is on her personal time, which makes Carrie no extra money. However, [because of her actions] we have earned our customers’ trust, received large orders because of our ability to get an immediate quote, and have grown our sales in the territory.”

One On One With Carrie Conde

Best Part Of The Job:

“I really enjoy working with my customers and outside sales reps.”

Her Biggest Challenges:

“Having too many hands on an order or too many suggestions from others can be a challenge. I would love to walk an order from the beginning to the end.”

Most Valuable Customer Service Lesson Learned:

“Always listen to the customer. If something went wrong with their customer’s order, they might be upset and it may sound like they are taking it out on you, but really they are also getting it from their customer. After listening to them, you can come up with your best solution to the problem and usually the customer is satisfied. Most of the time they just need to vent.”

No. 1 Tip For Great Customer Service:

“Always talk to the customer with a smile on your face and listen. Always treat the customer the way you want to be treated.”

The Superhero Power I Wish I Had:

“I would love to be a mind reader. This way I can see exactly what the customer is picturing, and I can get them the correct ideas and information.”

Best Personal Customer Service Experience:

“Whenever I contact Amazon they treat me like I am their No. 1 priority. With them treating me this way I make sure that I use them as much as possible. I hope that when I talk to customers I bring them the same experience that I have with Amazon.”

The Communicator

erin-wilson-webErin Wilson

Client Services

Radius Display

Dallas, Texas

Tenure at Radius Display: Nine years

Nominated by: Gary Chown, CM Displays; Carol Tamayo, Symphonix Solutions, D’Lynn Holt and Doug Wickwire, Shabang Exhibits; Darla Andrews, Riot Creative Imaging; Stephanie Angelucci, Diamond State Promotions; Karla Cowes-Toxey, YPS Group, Inc.; Brian Montoya, All Pro Displays & Graphics; Roger Wojciechowski, E&E Exhibit Solutions; Bridgit Rivas, Donna Clark, Courtney Hooper and Matt Custer, Fastsigns; Emily Malavolta, Studio Displays, Inc.; Tammy Lawrence, Exhibitpro; Tess Smith, Walker Companies; Grace Fong, Skyline Exhibits MidSouth; Lynn Felhauer, The Graphic Edge; Nathan Young, Exhibit Studios, Inc.; John Bottone, Knock-Out Specialties, Inc.; Gene Panczenko, KVL Audio Visual Services; Craig Wiebelhaus, Exhibit Experts; Cheryl Kizer and Matt Trueblood, Nimlok-Kentucky; Janet Wurtz, Firespring; Dawn Olivo, Thomas Graphics; Dave Lantz, JetPay Corporation; Janet Denison, Vision Exhibits

Why She’s A Superhero:

“When it comes to dependability, communication and knowledge of her industry there are few, if any, that come close to equaling Erin,” says her client, Craig Wiebelhaus at Exhibit Experts. Another client, Bridgit Rivas at Fastsigns, says, “With Erin I never have to worry about a project. I put it in her hands and it’s golden.” Client Tammy Lawrence at Exhibitpro also relies on Wilson’s expertise. “She always responds immediately and answers questions in detail. If something doesn’t seem right with an order she will call it out and make corrections. She catches what we miss.”

How Erin Saved The Day:

Among the many super service examples from nominators were these from Brian Montoya, owner of All Pro Displays & Graphics: “We had a large job with a particularly short time frame. An issue with color match came up. Erin contacted me about three hours after their normal business hours so that we could clear up the confusion and the job could be produced,” he says. “On another occasion, a job with a long-time client required a custom look (the client wanted to create a background that looked like burlap). Erin worked tirelessly with their art department to create just the perfect look. She then had the sample sent overnight to our client to keep the job on schedule. Since FedEx had already picked up that day, she drove the sample to a FedEx location that accepted the late package and got it processed in time.”

One On One With Erin Wilson

Best Part Of The Job:

“The part I enjoy most is the sound of relief and triumph from a client when their project comes together.”

Biggest Challenges:

“Usually logistics—those things outside of our normal control. Fortunately, we have an amazing shipping team who can almost always accommodate or find a solution I didn’t know existed.”

Most Valuable Customer Service Lesson Learned:

“To follow through on your commitments and take ownership if you happen to miss one. For example, that sample you couldn’t send today because other more urgent things came up may seem trivial to you, but could be the linchpin on which your dealer’s entire sales pitch hangs. Not only have you missed your commitment to your dealer, but forced them to miss their commitment to their end user. This happened once to me and now I take each and every request as urgent, and if something comes up that could jeopardize my promise, I reach out immediately or get one of my amazing peers to help me meet my promise.”

No. 1 Tip For Great Customer Service:

“Listen closely, and be ready to react. Inaction will always turn a client off; they want to know you are working for them.”

The Superhero Power I Wish I Had:

“If I could have one superhero power to improve my service, it would be to fly. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about a project getting stuck on a truck, or my client having to pay exorbitant freight to meet their deadlines.”

Best Personal Customer Service Experience:

“Recently, we had some challenges with a customer who was up against a very demanding deadline. It required us to locate a new manufacturer to meet our customer’s requirements, which was challenging enough, but then our customer initiated a new ordering system and procurement contract process so we were all jumping over hurdles to make this happen. We located a new supplier, but needed to test and evaluate their products when our customer told us they needed to have the chairs and the inks independently tested, which was an unforeseen wrinkle in the process. Our new supplier was incredibly accommodating during this process. They rush-shipped us several items to evaluate, then sent free samples to the testing facility. They worked with us to get us set up as an authorized dealer and even allowed us to break the large order into smaller shipments to get them to our customer faster. Despite many special requests from us, they were accommodating and polite every time. They remained calm, offered several solutions and never took advantage of our tight deadlines to raise the price or upcharge with fees. They were so impressive that we stopped purchasing all of our chairs from our original supplier, and made this company our exclusive source going forward.”

The Whiz

jamie-catarnichi-webJamie Catarnichi

Customer Relation Specialist 


St. Louis, Missouri

Tenure at Geiger: Three years; 15 years in the promotional products industry

Nominated by: Wendy Franklin, MAS, promotional branding expert, Geiger

Why She’s A Superhero:

Catarnichi works directly with Franklin to support the company’s sales efforts. “Jamie is my superhero because she has excellent communication, phone and email skills, and will run with any situation handed to her. She’s a whiz at sourcing products, exceptionally responsive to customer requests and thorough in her presentations and follow-up.”

How Jamie Saved The Day:

“I had both of my hips replaced in 2015; the first on Memorial Day and the second on Labor Day,” says Franklin. “On both occasions, Jamie rose to the task of not only keeping my business going, but keeping my customers happy. I’m a top sales person with Geiger and this is a huge undertaking for one person. She worked long and hard to make sure everything went smoothly so I was able to take the time needed to recuperate after each surgery.”

One On One With Jamie Catarnichi

Best Part Of The Job:

“I enjoy the daily interactions with our suppliers, customers and co-workers. Also, knowing our customers depend on us for their promotional solutions is very rewarding.”

Biggest Challenges:

“The biggest challenges are trying to manage enough time to keep up with all the details and provide the best customer service possible.”

Most Valuable Customer Service Lesson Learned:

“Always ask questions, don’t assume anything. In the past, I was afraid to bother anyone with questions, therefore I would ‘assume’ something could be done and it came back to haunt me.”

No. 1 Tip For Great Customer Service:

“Always be open and honest, and don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

The Superhero Power I Wish I Had:

“I would wish for the ability to heal; with this power no one would suffer from pain or loss.”

Best Personal Customer Service Experience:

“I had surgery at my local hospital and received excellent care and customer service. I was very well taken care of and felt like I was their only patient. All my questions and concerns were answered without hesitation.”

The Dynamo

jennasmallins_halo-webJenna Smallins

E-Commerce Sales/Customer Support Representative

HALO Branded Solutions 

Sterling, Illinois

Tenure at HALO: Nine and a half years including a role as a customer service rep

Nominated by: Jamon Heller, director of e-commerce, HALO Branded Solutions

Why She’s A Superhero:

Jamon Heller explains that Smallins provides expert assistance to clients inquiring about HALO products and services, supports the online buyer purchasing process, facilitates connections between existing clients and their assigned account executives, and helps the AEs with key supplier relationships. “Jenna does so much for our existing and prospective clients, staff and account executives—despite having to serve so many different audiences at one time. Rather than passing a problem off to someone else because it may not technically be in Jenna’s job description, she’ll find a solution. If a shopper needs a rush from afar or if a product is out of stock, Jenna helps the AEs find something comparable. She double checks orders before sending them through. She helps keep the site up to date by verifying product details. Additionally, Jenna is always thinking of ways to improve the site whether it is by simplifying contact forms or adding new content online to resolve a frequently asked question. She strives to enhance the online experience with a personal touch.”

How Jenna Saved The Day:

“Recently, a product on incorrectly stated laser engraving as the included decoration option instead of etched ink silkscreen. When a customer placed a rush order expecting laser engraving, Jenna noticed the error, immediately communicated with the client and looked for comparable products that could be engraved. She proposed an alternate item and found a supplier located near the client. This helped save on freight and offset the cost of the rush shipping and upgraded product. Jenna went above and beyond to make sure that the client was completely happy with their order and not forced to settle for something they didn’t want.”

One On One With Jenna Smallins

Best Part Of The Job:

“I enjoy speaking with clients over the phone to solve their problems.”

Biggest Challenges:

“The biggest challenges to my job are making sure rush orders are produced and delivered on time.”

Most Valuable Customer Service Lesson Learned:

“The customer is always right even though they may be wrong at times. I learned it the hard way by once pointing out to a client that she didn’t approve the proof in a timely fashion which delayed the shipment of her order. Instead, I should have found a way to make up for the delay.”

No. 1 Tip For Great Customer Service:

“Treat all customers with respect and they will respect you.”

The Superhero Power I Wish I Had:

“I wish I could fly like Superwoman. I would use my power to fly to the vendor’s warehouse to pick up orders and deliver to the client on time.”

Best Personal Customer Service Experience:

“The best service that I recall was lunch at Olive Garden in the Quad Cities a few years ago. When the waitress put my plate on the table, she noticed that my food was almost burnt. She told me she would be right back. When she returned, she brought the restaurant manager who said that the quality wasn’t acceptable and my lunch was on the house.”

The Problem-Solver

joe-jehle-webJoe Jehle

Customer Service Manager

The Book Company

Delray Beach, Florida

Tenure at The Book Company: 15 months

Nominated by: Doug Greenhut, president and owner, The Book Company

Why He’s A Superhero:

Doug Greenhut hired Joe Jehle after being introduced to him by a team member. He liked the fact that Jehle had experience in customer service with a national retail chain. “Joe was quick to understand the value of treating our distributors with the utmost respect,” says Greenhut. “He seems to have been born with an uncommon understanding of human nature and a superhero understanding of customer service. You can be sure to be smiling when you hang up the phone from any conversation with him and you can be sure your email will be responded to before you realize you’ve even hit ‘send.’”

He adds, “Within our company, Joe earned instant respect and appreciation by every member of our team. He brings fresh perspective, ideas and suggestions that have already improved our systems which brings our customer service to a higher level of efficiency and cooperation.”

How Joe Saved The Day:

“Some people do their job as it’s presented to them and accomplish the tasks they are trained to do,” says Greenhut. “In a very short time, Joe went far beyond the basics of his position. Within weeks, he was offering suggestions to better organize and more efficiently manage our sample department. Now, he heads our sample team and has become our go-to person to help anyone with almost anything. Whether it’s covering for someone while they are out, handling mailings, organizing trade-show samples or just cheering someone up who is having a bad day, Joe is available, flexible and brings a helpful, happy attitude every day.”

One On One With Joe Jehle

Best Part Of The Job:

“What I enjoy most about my job is getting to see a project through from start to finish. As customer service manager I am closely involved in the many steps that need to happen to get an order out the door on a timely basis. Examples include sending book or journal samples, coordinating virtual or spec samples with our art department, and ultimately getting the order processed and over to production.”

Biggest Challenge:

“The biggest challenge is occasionally having to tell a client ‘no.’ Of course, nobody likes to disappoint but at the end of the day we always have to be sure we are communicating realistic expectations with our clients. It is more important to be honest with a client than to overpromise.”

Most Valuable Customer Service Lesson Learned:

“It is important to make your clients feel like you are part of the same team and that you are truly there for them to help with anything they may need. In the end we are both striving towards the same goal of ensuring that their customer is happy and successful. I have learned this through the emails I have received from our clients stating how appreciative they are for all the hard work we have put in for them.”

No. 1 Tip For Great Customer Service:

“Communication is key. You are not always going to have a client’s answer right away. By communicating to a client that you are working on getting them the answers they need, they feel reassured that you are working your hardest for them.”

The Superhero Power I Wish I Had:

“Super speed would be a very helpful superhero power. With all of the samples and orders I process as well as the vast amount of emails I answer, it would be amazing to be able to fly through them even more quickly and efficiently.”

Best Personal Customer Service Experience:

“Sometimes it takes a mishap to truly test a company’s customer service skills. I recently booked a venue for my upcoming wedding and was panic stricken when they informed me of a mistake. The date they had told me was available, and the one we wanted, was actually already booked. Of course, nerves took over and I was not sure what to do. But as fast as the panic came on, it was just as quickly put to ease. Rather than focusing on how this happened, they immediately worked quickly and diligently to resolve the issue. Not only did they find me a new date within minutes, they have since then gone above and beyond to make sure everything has been perfect for both my fiancé and me. We are all human and mistakes do happen. It is how we then turn around and make it right for the client that is most important. Seeing how apologetic they were and how fast they were able to find a solution, on top of the amazing service they have since provided, has proven to both my fiancé and me that we have a made a great decision in choosing their venue. We are now both looking forward to having the wedding of our dreams.”

The Self-Starter

pooyuen-webPooYuen On

Account Manager

Apollo Group (dba Embroidery USA)

Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Tenure at Apollo Group: 12 years starting as a customer service rep

Nominated by: Karla Cowes-Toxey, owner, YPS Group

Why She’s A Superhero:

“PooYuen On is definitely a service superhero,” says Karla Cowes-Toxey. “I don’t know anyone like her in the industry. She’s always willing to help with any customer request. If I have a client with a same day/next day rush request; she makes it happen. If I need special pricing, she always checks with her manager to see what they can do to get the business.”

How PooYuen Saved The Day:

This superhero is on a continuous roll with the level of service she delivers, says Cowes-Toxey. “She’s not like other vendors that you have to call to make sure the job is on schedule to ship. She replies immediately to all my e-mails, quick price quotes, freight quotes or rush order requests,” says Cowes-Toxey. “She always goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. She provides customer virtuals the same day—sometimes in less than an hour. She’s always making sure she meets my in-hand dates, she sends tracking numbers without asking and if there are any issues, she's immediately on the phone working on solutions.”

One On One With PooYuen On

Best Part Of The Job:

“The part of my job I enjoy most are the different types of customers I meet every day.”

Biggest Challenge:

“The biggest challenge is sometimes dealing with an insufficient lead time to provide on-time delivery to the customer.”

Most Valuable Customer Service Lesson Learned:

“I’ve learned to treat all customers the way I’d want to be treated. I think patience, communication and prompt replies are all extremely important. I’ve learned this from all my past experiences.”

No. 1 Tip For Great Customer Service:

“Think positively and be attentive to the customer’s needs no matter how small or big the customer’s company is.”

The Superhero Power I Wish I Had:

“If I had one superhero power, it will be the power to read the customer’s mind. I would then be able to provide the product and service that the customer needs.”

Best Personal Customer Service Experience:

“The best service I’ve ever received was actually just recently. I stayed at a small, family-run motel. The owners greeted me by my name and they were happy to accommodate all of my requests. They made me feel like they were happy to have me as a guest—more than just getting the business. I was impressed with them because they made a new customer feel happy to return again.”

The Fixer

rosa-2-webRosa Sheridan

Customer Service Rep

Peerless Umbrella

Newark, New Jersey

Tenure With Peerless Umbrella: 20 years

Nominated by: Kristina Panettiere, Jennifer Symons, Carol Perkosky, Diane Makrocki and Lisa Menino, Pride Products Distributors, LLC; Dan Edge and Bryan McKatten, Peerless Umbrella; Lucy Fish, Stackable Sensations.

 Why She’s A Superhero:

Rosa is amazing!” says Kristina Panettiere, assistant client services manager at Pride Products Distributors, LLC. “She is always willing to help, and has a positive attitude. Her personality is contagious, and there is never a time I don’t get off the phone laughing. She is knowledgeable, and also one of the most personable people to work with. I look forward to our calls about not only work, but personal life. She always bends over backwards for us, and I adore her.” Her colleague, Diane Makrocki, assistant customer service manager, says she’s equally impressed. “Her knowledge regarding the products is amazing. She is always helpful with alternatives and responds to requests immediately.”

How Rosa Saved The Day:

Dan Edge, national sales manager for Peerless, sees Rosa’s work on the other side and is equally appreciative. “On numerous occasions, Rosa has driven samples and orders to clients to meet critical dates and meetings,” he says, explaining that Sheridan’s territory includes New Jersey, where the office is located. “She takes every advantage of the home field turf,” he says. “Rosa is always looking out for her clients … in some ways you would think she works for the distributor and that's a good thing. He’s also impressed by the way she watches her orders. “It’s unseen to the clients, but the service is happening at a high level. If Rosa doesn’t like the way something comes out, she has no issues telling the factory to rerun the order. Her critical eye benefits the customer.”

One On One With Rosa Sheridan

Best Part Of The Job:

“I most enjoy communicating and interacting with my customers.”

Biggest Challenge:

“The biggest and yet most fulfilling challenge is in finding different ways to help satisfy my customers, and meeting the sometimes near-impossible deadlines.”

Most Valuable Customer Service Lesson Learned:

“I have learned through my many years in the industry that the key to great customer service is consistency. Having your customers know that they can rely on you at any time to provide support, product knowledge or just an honest opinion opens up better lines of communication and makes for long-standing relationships.”

No. 1 Tip For Great Customer Service:

“Have fun with what you do so that it stays fresh. A smile can be felt and heard even over the phone.”

The Superhero Power I Wish I Had:

“I would like my super power to be speed. Sometimes I feel that there is not enough time during the day to get done all that is needed to be done. Speed would give the allowed time for me to do more.”

Best Personal Customer Service Experience:

“I would have to say the best service I received, and still receive, is at the beauty salon where I go to get my nails and hair done. I love going there because they always make me feel welcome. It’s not only a place I can go to get my nails and hair done, it’s somewhere I go to unwind after a long day. They are friendly and attentive to my needs, and most of all we can talk about anything as friends would.”

The Go-Getter

yesenia-nunez2-webYesenia Nuñez

Sales Support


Miami, Florida

Tenure at Bulletline/PCNA: 16 months

Nominated by: Ellen Straus, client services manager, Pride Products Distributors LLC

 Why She’s A Superhero:

“Yesenia is a service superhero because she always goes above and beyond for her clients,” says Ellen Straus. “I never feel like she’s frustrated with me even if I call her 10 times a day. Yesenia makes things happen for us and I always trust she is taking care of an order, and if something goes wrong, she will make it right. She is truly a pleasure to work with and I feel confident serving my clients because I know she has our back.”

How Yesenia Saved The Day:

“I had a client that needed pens packaged a very specific way and while it wasn’t a standard option, she made sure her shipping department bagged them in different groupings per the client’s request and the final product was perfect,” says Straus. “I frequently have rush orders and she always delivers on time. She follows up personally to be sure I receive the documents I need and makes sure the orders go out on time. I use Bulletline/PCNA for rush orders because I trust her to get it done even when it’s really a crunch for time.”

One On One With Yesenia Nuñez

Best Part Of The Job:

“I enjoy engaging with our customers, problem solving and making sure everything is running smoothly without any discrepancies or delays.”

Biggest Challenge:

“I embrace challenges. My goal is to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs. However, there are those extremely rare instances where I have to reach out to the customer and there has to be a compromise between the customer and Bullet.”

Most Valuable Customer Service Lesson Learned:

“Be attentive and assertive, and most importantly, be accountable. Customers feel more at ease when they know that they are being heard. If an error is made, own it. Address the error and advise what steps you will take or have already taken to correct it.”

No. 1 Tip For Great Customer Service:

“Build rapport with your customer. Make them your best friend. They trust you and rely on you. At the end of the day, I am only as successful as my customer; and that is why it’s important to work together.”

The Superhero Power I Wish I Had:

“Probably teleporting, so I could occasionally stop by and say hi to my customers.”

Best Personal Customer Service Experience:

“My parents recently upgraded their mobile phones. Along with this change came a hefty bill with charges that the customer service reps were unable to explain. After going in circles with several reps for over 45 minutes, I was able to get a supervisor on the phone. As soon as that happened, the call dropped. The supervisor called me back about 10 minutes later to advised that he had reviewed the account and was ready to assist in making the corrections. This supervisor began by apologizing for the delay it took to get him on the phone. He allowed me to vent without interruption and immediately took action. He corrected certain information that was not updated in the account, although those changes were addressed previously. He explained the charges one by one and then reversed them, as my parents were being billed erroneously. He gave me his phone number and extension for future discrepancies so I can reach out to him directly.”

Tina Berres Filipski is editor of PPB.

Build The Customer Culture You Want

If you want to create a customer-centric organization, start with who you hire. Following are six recommendations from customer service guru John Tschohl.

Team building is a delicate and time-consuming process. Anyone can put together a group of talented people, but it takes a dedicated team leader to bring everyone together effectively. One of the most important considerations you must make is whether or not an applicant fits into your company’s culture. The right person will build upon what you’ve created, but the wrong person can bring it all down very quickly—and culture can take an awfully long time to rebuild.

In the following series of lines from Aaron Sorkin's already famous screenplay, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak holds the following dialogue with Steve Jobs:

Wozniak: You can't write code, you're not an engineer, you're not a designer, and you can't put a hammer to a nail ... So how come 10 times in a day, I read, “Steve Jobs is a genius.” What do you do?

Jobs: I play the orchestra.

Jobs knew he could never have accomplished what he did alone. He needed engineers, marketers, designers. His skill was in bringing those people together and keeping them in harmony.

Similarly, at Amazon, Jeff Bezos’ skill is bringing talented people together and focusing them on the vision for Amazon. They work in harmony. Each does their part for the success of the team, for the success of the company. It’s called a “service strategy.” He allows employees to assist in creating new and innovative approaches that have a profound impact on the customer experience.

Be a magnet for talent. As managers, team leaders and engaged employees it’s not enough to say that we need to get the right people in our company. We must identify who the right people are and create a process that gets them on board and in the position to succeed.

  1. Identify who the right people are. Each organization and team will have different needs so your “right” people may be different than other companies and teams.
  2. Identify several people in your organization who you wish you could clone. Write down their characteristics and traits and create your own benchmark of the right person for each position therefore setting the expectations for all other team members.
  3. Identify the type of person that fits your company and team culture. For example, if you want to create a positive culture make sure you hire positive people. If you want to create a culture that is creative, then hire creative people.
  4. If you invest your time, resources and energy to get the right people on board you’ll have fewer headaches and expenses later on. Take your time during the hiring/recruiting process to make sure you are all on the same path.
  5. Remember, the people you surround yourself with will often determine the kind of company you’re going to be.
  6. Continued training is essential. If you expect your team members to develop their skills and stay on top of changes, don’t get complacent about establishing and updating your training.

John Tschohl is an international service strategist, author and speaker, and founder and president of the Service Quality Institute. He has just released the 10th edition of Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service. Subscribe to his free monthly e-newsletter at, or reach him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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