PPAI Volunteer Spotlight: Editorial Advisory Committee

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Industry volunteers who work with PPAI on its committees, workgroups and other programs are a vital part of the Association’s success. This 16th and final installment of an ongoing PPB series introducing the volunteers, committees and initiatives that have helped make the Association what it is today, takes a closer look at the PPB Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC).

Including members from across the promotional products landscape, the EAC serves as a conduit fostering relationships between the Association’s publications and its members, bringing attention to and discussing the trends, news and innovative ideas that drive the industry.

Last year, committee members provided editorial guidance and reviewed a draft of the PPB supplement, The Playbook To Restart Businesses, which went on to win a 2021 ASAE Gold Circle Award. Most recently, the committee has been instrumental in providing ongoing insight and direction for stories in PPB and topics for upcoming podcasts.

“The EAC is a sounding board for PPAI and its publication staff,” says Karen Foy, CAS, president of distributor Gorman Foy and committee chair. “Through our quarterly meetings and conversations on Promo Connect, we bring the stories, trends and new ideas we’ve learned out in the field to the attention of the editorial team, and provide a useful forum to discuss future projects and share our insights. We all work together to make the publications the best they can be.”  

PPB Editorial Advisory Committee Roster:
Karen Foy, CAS, Gorman Foy, Inc., Chair
Andrew Spellman, Therabody Corp., Board Liaison
Mark Abels, MAS, SELCO
Rama Beerfas, MAS, Lev Promotions
Keny Coonce, Specialty Incentives, Inc.
Mike Emoff, Shumsky
Stephanie Friedman, City Paper
Charity Gibson, Peerless Umbrella
Richard S. Greene, MAS, HALO
Brian Jolin, MAS, Jolin Promo
Eileen Lucky, CAS, Koozie Group
Carmen Murphey, MAS, SAGE
Dawn Ruler, MAS, Geiger
Chris Stumpf, MAS, Stumpies Marketing
Angela Taylor, AIM Smarter
Tina Berres Filipski, PPAI Staff Liaison
James Khattak, PPAI Staff Liaison
Danielle Renda, PPAI Staff Liaison
Kristina Valdez, PPAI Staff Liaison


James Khattak is news editor of PPB.

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