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Karl Ziegler

Swell Guy & Head Ruckus Maker

Ruckus & Co., Inc.

#658743 UPIC: RUCKUS

Ruckus Group Photo

Ruckus & Co.’s team includes (clockwise from bottom left) Karl Allen Ziegler, head ruckus maker (president); Robert Bithiru, Mr. Pick & Pack (operations); Erin Titus, workout instructor (lead CSR and ʾ80s move buff); Bethany Rivera, zookeeper (finance and administration); Rafael Rivera, wheeler dealer (logistics and vendor relations); and denine Ziegler, den mother (executive assistant).

How did your company get its start?

Over the past 20 years, I have spearheaded moving two manufacturing companies into the promotional products market. Both companies remain in the promo products industry and are very successful. Many of the projects that we worked on that I found most exciting required concept development and innovation. I began to feel there was an opportunity for a new breed of supplier in our niche that was not like the other companies, but keenly focused on developing ideas, offering unique solutions, building tighter relationships with distributors and offering overall transparency. In the fall of 2015 we launched Ruckus & Co., Inc. to pursue those ideas.

What led your company to enter the promotional products market?

It is such a great market! Not only is it large, it is all about custom products. Much of the work we are focused towards is highly customized, including variable data and RFID projects. The market is so diverse that it allows us to find the distributors that are a great match for what we do. Our best distributors are focused on corporate branding or image management and take a holistic approach to their client relationships. When we enter these relationships it is a win for the distributor, their clients and for us.

What’s your favorite thing about being in the promotional products industry?

The people! We meet individuals of every type and walk of life in this industry. And guess what? Most of the folks in this industry love what they do and want to have a good time doing the work they love. I believe suppliers and distributors alike build some of their deepest and longest-lasting personal relationships within the industry. Not every industry can say such a thing and it is very special. So many of us help each other, pull for each other and cheer our successes together.

Why did you join PPAI?

I love and appreciate that PPAI is interested in the success of the distributors and the suppliers alike. Education, tools and more are built around helping us be successful as opposed to another avenue to spend our money. PPAI truly is interested in helping grow business and building an industry of talented professionals. I can say PPAI is more about providing tools, not just offering more programs.





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