New Member Spotlight - Solé Bicycle Co.

Paul Oakley

Director of Sales

Solé Bicycle Co.

Venice, California

PPAI# 671737 UPIC: S671737


How did your company get its start?

During our old college days, back in 2009, every single person at our school rode cheap, old beach cruisers. One day, we saw a group of kids riding bikes called “fixies.” We had never seen them before so we stopped them, asked how much they paid for the bikes and where they got them. They told us $1,500 and they built the bikes themselves. That was essentially the jumping-off point. Our mission statement has evolved since that day, and now it’s our goal to provide high-quality bicycles at an affordable price, delivered right to your doorstep.

What led your company to enter the promotional products market?

We’ve been creating custom bikes for corporate clients for the past several years, however, over the past few years, we’ve really noticed a huge demand for this option, specifically for bicycles. We educated ourselves on the promotional products industry and realized there was a huge opportunity to offer our product in this space. We have been off to the races ever since and that is what brought us to SAGE and of course PPAI.

What's your favorite thing about being in the promotional products industry?

Our favorite thing probably has been the people we have met in the industry so far. It has been a really fun experience getting to meet distributors and other suppliers all over the country and learning about the different companies that use these products. Aside from the people working with different brands, creating some really amazing looking custom bike concepts has been really fun. There is something different about creating a custom bike for a company because it really can show the style and message of the brand. We really are learning a little bit more each day and it has been an exciting time for us.

Why did you join PPAI?

Well, when we met Kristi [Pullen, PPAI business development account manager] at the SAGE Roadshow this past spring, we were trying to learn as much as we could about the promotional products industry as a whole. After speaking with Kristi and doing some research when we got back from the show, we realized how much the PPAI does for the industry. Along with what PPAI provides and realizing that we needed to be in Las Vegas for the annual trade show, it was obvious we should become members. The outreach that PPAI provides is really not matched by anyone else in the industry.

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