Q: Over the past year, what extra actions have you taken to strengthen your company’s culture and keep employees engaged, motivated and happy at work?

Jim Malkus, CEO, Indoff

“As a remote, straight-commission sales team, we had some unique challenges during the pandemic. Maintaining hope and cohesion was not always easy. We did two significant things: first, we applied for a Paycheck Protection loan and used the proceeds to pay our sales force two-months’ worth of their average earnings from 2019. While not a panacea, it helped and reinforced that we were here for them and working for their success. Second, and to just try to humanize the year, I shot monthly iPad videos (incredibly high production values) walking around the office so the sales partners could see some friendly faces and remember they were part of a larger family. As we come out of the pandemic, I’m happy to get back to business as usual but my memories of how we all came together will be one of the bright spots of 2020.”