Q: Over the past year, what extra actions have you taken to strengthen your company’s culture and keep employees engaged, motivated and happy at work?


Jim Hagan, CEO, Sweda, LLC

“During the challenging year of 2020,  I communicated daily to our Sweda team our plans to protect the health and safety of our employees with extensive safety protocols on campus. Together with our Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Kellie Claudio, we gave our team the tools to be successful working remotely and in the office.  By over communicating using Zoom and Microsoft Teams, our Sweda team was constantly engaged working cohesively within all departments as we ideated product presentations for our customers, solved problems and celebrated every win together. Sweda culture is one of respect, trust and transparency. Our team also enjoys the incentive programs that are in place to reward excellence monthly, with a focus on intrinsic as well as extrinsic rewards. We express our gratitude for a job well done throughout the entire organization with celebratory emails. We believe in giving the team autonomy, which clearly shows our trust that the team will get the job done.”