Inside PPAI: Readers Share Insights On Client Inquiries, Weekend Work And Company Requirements On Vaccinations In PromoPolls


PPAI’s weekly PromoPolls gauge industry positions on a wide variety of promotional products and business subjects. The poll, included in every issue of PPB Newslink and on the PPAI Media website, provides an anecdotal snapshot of insights on key issues.

In August, industry members shared their feedback on the recent business environment. Distributors were asked, “What type of client inquiries are you getting the most of lately?” and 28 percent said ideas and products for upcoming events, 28 percent said ideas and products for employee programs, 28 percent said ideas and products for general branding, and 11 percent said ideas and products for new program and product launches. In another poll, suppliers were asked if they were planning on printing a product catalog for 2022—52 percent said no, 32 percent said yes, and the remaining 16 percent were unsure. Readers were also asked, “Has your volume of customer inquiries increased or decreased this summer compared to six months ago?” Forty-four percent said that it has increased somewhat, 30 percent said that it has increased a lot, 22 percent said that it has stayed about the same, and four percent said that it has decreased somewhat.

PromoPolls also asked readers what their opinion was of working on the weekend. It found that 44 percent do it only when necessary, 31 percent do it if they need to catch up and have nothing else to do, 16 percent say they don’t mind working on the weekend and 10 percent refuse to do so. To the question, “Is your company requiring employees to get the COVID-19 vaccination?” 71 percent said no, 18 percent said yes and 11 percent said that they didn’t know.

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James Khattak is news editor of PPB.

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