Inside PPAI: PPAI Volunteer Spotlight: SPARK


Industry volunteers who work with PPAI on its committees, workgroups and other programs are a vital part of the Association’s success. This 15th installment of an ongoing PPB series introducing the volunteers, committees and initiatives that have helped make the Association what it is today, takes a closer look at the SPARK workgroup.

SPARK provides young industry professionals with an outlet for networking and education that’s specific to their age group and experience level. In May, SPARK held a successful virtual conference, SPARK Direct-2-U, that brought 97 young promotional products professionals together for an afternoon of discussions about timely topics.

“Members of the SPARK workgroup host events for the SPARK demographic throughout the year and work closely within the group to put on excellent events,” says Kacie Brinner, CAS, SPARK workgroup chair. “At present, we’re working on solutions to the age-old problem of engagement throughout the year and coming up with fresh, new content to keep folks coming back for more.” The SPARK workgroup roster includes:

Kacie Brinner, CAS, Chair
Anthony Carpenter, CAS
David Geiger, MAS
Charity Gibson
Noelle Leverentz
Austin Moody
Madelyn Petrarca
Kathlene Brethowr, Staff Liaison


James Khattak is news editor of PPB.

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