Inside PPAI: Industry Companies Share Insights On Q1 2021 Sales In The Latest PromoPolls


PPAI’s weekly PromoPolls gauge industry positions on a wide variety of promotional products and business subjects. The poll, included in every issue of PPB Newslink and on the PPAI Media website, provides an anecdotal snapshot of insights on key issues.

In May, questions polled readers on business conditions and practices as industry businesses continued to emerge from lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the pandemic. 

PromoPolls asked “Distributors: By about how much did your company’s sales increase in Q1 2021 compared to Q1 2020?” It found that, in fact, for most respondents (56 percent) sales were down year-over-year. Six percent said that sales were flat while the remaining survey participants’ responses were split between reporting an increase of up to 50 percent (22 percent) and up to 25 percent (17 percent). A question asking, “How often do you reach out to clients or potential clients just to check in and stay in touch?” found that 37 percent did so at least monthly, 34 percent did so at least quarterly, 20 percent did so at least twice a month and nine percent said at least weekly.

PromoPolls also examined workplace practices in the year ahead. It asked, “Do you plan to return to work in an office this year?” and found that 51 percent said yes, every day; 20 percent said yes, a few days a week and the remainder at home; and 29 percent said no, they will continue working from home. To the question, “If your company will be hiring this year, how important is the geographical location of qualified candidates?” respondents answered that it depends on the position (39 percent); that it wasn’t important, employees can work from anywhere (33 percent); and that it was very important, employees must be local and work onsite (28 percent). 

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James Khattak is news editor of PPB.

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