Inside PPAI: Industry Companies Share Insights On Podcast Topics, Self-Promotion And Charitable Giving In Latest PromoPolls


PPAI’s weekly PromoPolls gauge industry positions on a wide variety of promotional products and business subjects. The poll, included in every issue of PPB Newslink and on the PPAI Media website, provides an anecdotal snapshot of insights on key issues.

June’s PromoPolls questions sought industry professionals’ perspectives on a range of issues, including, “Which podcast topic would you be most interested in listening to?” and 45 percent of respondents said product trends, 36 percent said marketing tips and trends, and 18 percent said business ownership discussions.

PromoPolls also asked industry members “Which type of self-promotion has been most successful for you?” and found that 26 percent answered that an email campaign had been most successful, 22 percent said promo products mailed to clients, four percent said a direct mail campaign and 48 percent said a combination of two or more promotions. To the question “Is your company involved in supporting or volunteering for any charitable organizations?” 72 percent of respondents said yes, to a great extent; 20 percent said yes, but not frequently; four percent said no but it’s on their radar; and four percent said no and they had no plans to do so at this time.

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James Khattak is news editor of PPB.

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