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Promotional Products Work! Week Rebrands in 2016 With Buyer Focus


To kick off this year’s Promotional Products Work! Week (PPW!W) campaign, held May 23-27, PPAI has retooled and rebranded the program to focus specifically on the buyer. PPW!W is the Association’s week-long international event aimed at raising awareness of promotional products and promotional products companies’ effectiveness and benefits in advertising and marketing.

After spending three years building the event’s culture and profile within the promotional products industry to establish its identity and create awareness among diverse stakeholders, the program is putting its sights on informing and influencing the buying decisions of in-house and agency media buyers.

The new PPW!W color scheme, graphics and messaging were created with the buyer’s needs in mind. The campaign, which includes a new logo and icon, a co-op advertising campaign and tool kits for organizers, publicity and advertising and promotions, also features a completely new website for buyers to find promotional products case studies, research and information, as well as a promotional products consultant locator search tool.

PPW!W includes opportunities for the entire industry—large and small companies, regional associations, distributors and suppliers, multi-line representatives and business services providers—to work hand-in-hand. Get started with guides, toolkits and videos at

Gator Garb

Participants in last year’s PPW!W were members of Upper Midwest Association of Promotional Professionals, who teamed up with supplier Gator Garb for a customer appreciation golf event.


Employees at distributor Halo Branded Solutions, who celebrated with branded beach balls.


L.E.A.D. Local New York Takes The Industry’s Message To Albany


L.E.A.D. Local participants Alan Baker, MAS, owner Creative Marketing Concepts (right) and Anne Stone, PPAI director of public affairs (center right); meet with State Sen. Phil Boyle (center left) and a staff member at one of the 18 meetings the group held during their day at the state capitol.


Anne Stone and L.E.A.D. Local participant Rick Brenner, MAS+ (right), with John Banville, legislative director for New York State Senator Michael Venditto in Albany.

On February 24, PPAI joined industry professionals in Albany for L.E.A.D. Local New York. Drawing on practices established with PPAI’s annual Legislative Education and Action Day (L.E.A.D.) in Washington, D.C., L.E.A.D. Local is the Association’s state-level legislative outreach effort to deliver the message of the promotional products industry to state legislators.

PPAI Public Affairs Director Anne Stone and Diversity Development Manager Seth Barnett joined Jonathan Riegel, MAS, executive director of the Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York (SAAGNY); Alan Baker, MAS, owner of distributor Creative Marketing Concepts and a former SAAGNY board president, and Rick Brenner, MAS+, the PPAI board’s immediate past chair. Together, they held 18 meetings with legislators and their staffs during their day in Albany.

“It was a great experience to see what goes on in the capitol and how legislators navigate through everything,” says Baker. “And it was good to be able to sit in front of our representatives and explain to them that they need to look at the ramifications legislation can have on the industry in our state. Promotional products are an $800 million business in New York alone.”

Riegel says, “Our meetings in Albany are an opportunity to introduce New York’s legislators to the promotional products industry, and educate them on its economic impact and the people and companies that make it up. And we want them to know about SAAGNY, its constituents and that we’re a resource available to them.”

L.E.A.D. Local New York was produced in collaboration with SAAGNY, and PPAI will continue to work with SAAGNY on its government relations plans.

Baker adds, “We also talked about the effectiveness of promotional products. Many of them were aware of the products they’d used them in their campaigns, but maybe not the industry behind them.”

The industry travels to Washington, D.C., May 25-26 for visits on Capitol Hill. To stay connected with L.E.A.D. and PPAI’s legislative efforts, visit the Association’s legislative website at or follow @PPAILAW on Twitter.

Absolutely Certifiable

PPAI Professional Certifications Identify Industry’s Most Committed Members

Industry professionals who have earned their Certified Advertising Professional (CAS), Master Advertising Professional (MAS) and Master Advertising Professional Plus (MAS+) certifications join an elite group of individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to the promotional products industry and to continuing their education. In a given year, scores of industry practitioners join that group. Last year alone, 120 professionals earned their CAS, MAS or MAS+ certifications.

PPAI certifications are awarded to professionals in the promotional products industry who have met rigorous educational requirements and demonstrate exemplary commitment to their profession. Professionals who have earned their certification provide the highest standard of conduct and integrity. Highly respected and recognized credentials in the promotional products industry, these designations establish a recipient’s professional credibility to colleagues, clients, employers and peers.

PPAI’s CAS, MAS and MAS+ designations are achieved through a combination of active employment in the industry, education, industry contributions and the successful demonstration of expertise. The CAS and MAS certifications also require continuing education and recertification to remain in good standing. Learn more about the PPAI Certification Program and PPAI’s professional development opportunities on PPAI’s website at

2015 PPAI Professional Certification Recipients

Jaimee Adamson, CAS, AIA Corp.

Lori Arrigunaga, CAS, RiteLine, LLC

Jackie Asselin, CAS, Geiger

Jeffery Batson, CAS, Next Products, Inc.

Kimberly Bechard, CAS, Geiger

Martha Bishop, CAS, Yankee Candle Company

Patrick Black, CAS, Perfect Imprints, LLC

Carol Breault, CAS, AIA Corp.

Emily Brewer, CAS, E Print Solutions, Inc.

Julie Busler, CAS, Geiger Brothers

Laura Campbell, CAS, Promotions Unlimited

Staci Cannon, CAS, Industry Incentives

Solange Carmany, CAS, Cintas

John Carpenter, CAS, On The Point Promotions

Jamie Chatham, CAS, Standard Register

Stevie Clark, CAS, SNUGZ USA

William Clay, CAS, Walker-Clay, Inc.

Paul Cline, CAS, Geiger

Jason Corsetti, CAS, Moderne Glass Co., Inc.

Lesli Covell, CAS, Proforma

Jennifer Crowder, CAS, GR Promotions

Susan Cunningham, CAS, HALO Branded Solutions

Brittany David, CAS, SNUGZ USA

Charlene Dion, CAS, Geiger

Ashley Doughty, CAS, Geiger

Paul Dubois, CAS, Ready 4 Kits

Joseph Eckert, CAS, Rapit Printing, Inc.

Sunny Fedorick, CAS, Coast 2 Coast Promotions

Kristine Ferraro, CAS, Motivational Kicks, Inc.

Tonya Forer, CAS, AIA Corp.

Dustin Freeman, CAS, Geiger

Jason Fularz, CAS, CPS\The Keystone Line

Brady Gates, CAS, Geiger

David Geiger, CAS, Geiger

Joey George, CAS, Black Rock Business Solutions

Silvia M. Gonzalez, CAS, The Printer Lion

Jennifer Grigorian, CAS, Hit Promotional Products

Alan Groudle, CAS, Geiger

Max Grover, CAS, Geiger

Scott Heavin, CAS, Heavin & Associates, Inc.

Corey Krueger, CAS, AIA Corp.

Vicki Lam, CAS, Promo Victory, Inc.

Justin Lambourne, CAS, Promomedia Group, Inc.

Marcy LaVallee, CAS, Geiger

Peter LeClair, CAS, Geiger

Nou Lee, CAS, AIA Corp.

Ryan Lester, CAS, Sign Zone, Inc.

Heidi Marks, CAS, AIA Corp.

Melinda Marr, CAS, Hotline Products

Christa Matuszewski, CAS, Geiger

Marilyn D. Meléndez, CAS, United Forms & Graphics, Inc.

Michelle Michelsen, CAS, Summit Group

Robin Miller, CAS, Geiger

Kelly Miller-Craft, CAS, Geiger

Peter H. Minot, CAS, Southwest Solutions

Ryan Mockler, CAS, Geiger

Carol Ann Moore, CAS, AIA Corp.

Shari Neigum, CAS, The Vernon Company

Sydra Newell, CAS, SNUGZ USA

Leo Nieter, CAS, Geiger

Paul Pelletier, CAS, Great West Promotions, Inc.

Marissa Perez, CAS, M R Promotional Concepts

Amber Perron, CAS, Crestline

Naomi J Peterson, CAS, AIA Corp.

Daniel Pigott, CAS, Stromberg Brand

Karen Plummer, CAS, Geiger

Daniel Poulin, CAS, Geiger

Stephanie Protz, CAS, DistributorCentral

Amy Rabideau, CAS, Summit Group

Cydney Reuter, CAS, EPROMOS

Leslie Roark, CAS, PromoPros

Connie Root, CAS, COMTECH

Alyson Salz, CAS, Righteous Clothing Agency

Mike Sanders, CAS, Lasting Image

Adam Saxon, CAS, Image Masters

J.P. Scarisbrick, CAS, J.P. Scar, Inc.

Jodie Schillinger, CAS, Maple Ridge Farms

Christine Shea, CAS, Geiger

Maureen Simpson, CAS, Geiger

Amanda Sinclair, CAS, Geiger

James Sledge, CAS, Geiger

Brittany Smith, CAS, Hirsch Gift, Inc.

Lynne Smith, CAS, Geiger

Don Spencer, CAS, Addnectar Solutions PVT LTD

Joelle Stahlecker, CAS, Maple Ridge Farms

Bruce Steinman, CAS, AIA Corp.

Kristin Stevens, CAS, Geiger

Christopher M. Stumpf, CAS, Doulos Threads

Bill Szydlowski, CAS, The Vernon Company

Melissa Topolewski, CAS, Geiger

Courtney Turlington, CAS, Pura Vida Promotions, Inc.

Melissa Veilleux, CAS, Geiger

Cameron Vernon, CAS, The Vernon Company

Debra West, CAS, Express Impressions

Peter Wiggins, CAS, Exceptional Specialty Promotions

Robert Young, CAS, All Premium

Sharon Zarter, CAS, AIA Corp.

Kelly Zino, CAS, Geiger

Kristina Fredericks, MAS, Moderne Glass Co., Inc.

Jennifer Gammon, MAS, Geiger

Tom Goos, MAS, Image Source, Inc.

Darlene Hajduk, MAS, Proline Supply Company

Andrea Jaeckels, MAS, AIA Corp.

Jessica Johnson, MAS, Production Creek

Mark MacDougall, MAS, Valley Graphics

Kristy Marker, MAS, Cintas

Mike Mayo, MAS, Geiger

Jean McGuire, MAS, Geiger

Troy Nelson, MAS, Trojan Promotions

Robert Nolan, MAS, Wall 2 Wall Promotions

Tim O'Neill, MAS, Image Masters

Charles Potts, MAS, Glacier Advertising Strategies

Carrie Sabo, MAS, American Ad Bag

Gary Slavonic, MAS, Top Brands, Inc.

Sheri Theriault, MAS, Geiger

Mary Jo Tomasini, MAS, Competitive Edge

Jamie Watson, MAS, Certified Marketing Consultants

Julia Wright, MAS+, Geiger

Rick Brenner, MAS+, Prime Resources Corp.

Christine Marion, MAS+, EmbroidMe

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