Feedback: August 2020

Reopening a business during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a decision fraught with myriad issues to weigh and juggle. With institutions, like schools, opening at their own pace, balancing the needs of the business with those of employees and their families is an important consideration.

With daycare and schools closed, how do employees return to work? Children cannot be left home alone. In this country, there is much talk about children being our No. 1 priority. The reality is it’s mostly talk. Many ‘Return to Work Checklists' come through my email. None that I have seen takes into consideration or mentions accommodations that may need to be made for parents with young children at home. These parents cannot return to an office at this time. As a business owner, how do we successfully begin to reopen our offices while keeping children safe? It does take a village to raise a child and we, as business leaders, must step up to the plate and own part of that child’s village.  

I suggest, before reopening, to check with each employee individually to see what challenges in terms of childcare or eldercare they are responsible for. During this reopening period, we need to straddle business life with personal life in order to reduce employee stress, keep children safe and, in turn, that will increase employee productivity and make for a smoother reopening. More importantly, you will know as a business owner that you are part of the village.

Penny Ledbetter
C. Sanders Emblems
San Fernando, California
PPAI 440381, S5


In “Post-COVID-19: What Role Will Promotional Products Play In Marketing?,” in the July issue of PPB, Danny Rosin, CAS, co-president of distributor Brand Fuel, Inc., highlighted several areas and roles that hold opportunity for promotional products during and after the pandemic.

I love this article. It’s very insightful. In addition to the points listed, you should research, explore and take advantage of all the low-cost and no-cost marketing options and strategies at your disposal. Things like completing and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Make yourself accessible and grow your connections to engage with your prospective market and industry peers. Don’t use it for sales banter; that is a cynical reason for connecting and a turn-off. Take a genuine interest. Like and follow companies and people, note their achievements, enjoy their posts, join groups they are in, listen and engage. To paraphrase a famous quote from the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come!”

Karon Long
Marketing Director
Antera Software, LLC
Plano, Texas
PPAI 452579


The June 23 issue of PPB Newslink shared news of a report from The Center of Sales Research that highlighted a disconnect between buyers and sellers when selling virtually.

The report is excellent in helping sellers understand exactly what buyers are looking for and what is turning them off. Without the skills, you’re only as good as your price.

Jae M. Rang, MAS
Founder and CEO
JAE associates Ltd.
Oakville, Ontario
PPAI 561178, D4


James Khattak is news editor of PPB.

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