Remembering Steve Slack

On June 28, PPB Newslink reported the passing of Steve Slack, a 1992 inductee into the PPAI Hall of Fame and a member of the PPAI Board of Directors from 1977 to 1982. Read more about his life and contributions on here. Include link to people news!

I was so sad to learn of Steve’s passing. I fondly remember the first day I met Steve. I was asked to pick him up at the airport in Toronto many years ago for a PPPC Education Day. I had no idea what he looked like but I was told that I would hear his voice and know it was him.

I was standing at the gate wishing I had made a sign but when the doors opened, I heard that voice. I walked up and said, “Excuse me, are you Mr. Slack?” And he responded in his booming voice, “That’s me, Steve Slack!”

The best part of our first meeting was as I headed out on the highway to downtown Toronto—driving a little too fast—he blurted out, “The speed limit in this country is 100 (fill in the blank) miles per hour!” I looked over and saw him holding on for dear life, one hand on my dash and the other on the handle above the door.

There are so many stories about Steve; he is a legend in our industry and the greatest mentor and friend anyone could ask for. I will forever remember “A Parker Pen and a Hazel Portfolio” for the rest of my life. Thank you, Steve, for your friendship. I will see you on the other side. Signed: Your “Speed Queen of Canada.”

Leslie (Oesen) Ashby


Strategic Sales Team

Burlington, Ontario

UPIC: strateg

I was so sad to hear the news. I have known Steve for years and he served as my mentor on several levels. I remember chatting with him about the Pyramid Awards—he was the reason I got involved—standing at the top of the escalators at the Dallas Convention Center. He asked me, “So, how many Pyramid Awards do you have now?” At the time I remember proudly boasting, “Fourteen, and I’m coming for your record!” He smiled and said, “Good luck, I have 75.” We both laughed, knowing he was right! But Steve, if you’re listening, I now have 26! I will keep trying!

Steve was professional, funny and very willing to share. I am truly saddened. Those of us who knew him realize that he will be sorely missed. Our industry has lost a legend and a good friend.

Cliff Quicksell, Jr., MAS+

Consultant and Acting Director of Marketing


Walkersville, Maryland


He was one of a kind and certainly an icon, one of the most creative people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Not many can leave as indelible a mark on our Association’s history as did Steve.

Margaret Custer Ford, MAS


MARCO Ideas Unlimited

Portland, Oregon


Working With The Right Suppliers

The June issue of PPB featured a distributor’s question regarding how someone new to the industry can best choose promotional products suppliers.

Your best suppliers are those who treat you as a customer in the same manner that you would treat your customers.

When I find a supplier that sells direct to end users that could be customers of mine, I will drop that supplier immediately for several reasons: No 1. They may have gotten that end user from an order I had previously sent them. No 2. They can sell to customers at a much lower price than I could, even if I sold to them without a salesman involved. No 3. They automatically become like a competing distributor, and who needs more competition in any neighborhood?

Harry S. Rosenberg, CAS


Specialty Advertising Consultants, Inc.

St. Louis, Missouri


PC Today Delivers The Goods

The June 24 issue of Promotional Consultant Today, “Get Real With Yourself About Sales,” asked readers to be honest with themselves about their sales numbers and develop real relationships to make it big. Delivered five days a week, each issue of PC Today delivers ideas, tips and best practices on how to succeed in sales, as a business owner and promotional consultant. Subscribe at

I have been reading some of your recent articles on creating and making presentations to clients and sales do’s and don’ts. They are short, easy to read, and I have gotten a couple of good tips that I have been putting into practice. I like the direction you are going with PC Today!  Good job!

Tia Walker, MAS

Account Executive

Brand Alliance

Plano, Texas

UPIC: Activate