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L.E.A.D. Brings The Industry Together

PPAI took the industry’s message to Capitol Hill May 25-26 for the seventh annual Legislative Education and Action Day (L.E.A.D.). More than 80 member volunteers and staff took part, holding nearly 250 visits with legislators and their aides from 30 states to discuss the industry’s interests, while members participating through the virtual fly-in contributed nearly 1,000 emails to their legislators to voice their concerns.

I don’t say “good job” too often, but good job this year getting the word out about the specific federal issues that affect us all in our industry. Also, the daily calls for action [PPAI’s L.E.A.D. Virtual Fly-In] were well done. In only a few minutes, we were able to participate and show our congressmen the issues important to lots of their constituents.

David A. Katseff, MAS


MasterCast and Marken Industries

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

UPIC: MastMark

Seeing an article in ASI’s Promogram on PPAI’s L.E.A.D. made me reflect on changes in the industry over the past few years. I feel that both organizations are more interested in moving forward than rehashing past events. And we’re focused on positive energy and activity, not the negatives of either group. It feels good, and it’s better for everyone.

Steven Meyer

Vice President of Sales

RiteLine, LLC

Dallas, Texas

UPIC: RiteLine

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