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If you’re like many people, you take care of everyone else before yourself. Between work, kids, elderly parents and all of the activities and events that take place during an average week, plus news, events and forces outside your control, it’s no wonder people are feeling stressed. In fact, a recent study from American Psychological Association found that between August 2016 and January 2017, Americans’ overall stress level increased for the first time in 10 years. The majority of Democrats and Republicans surveyed in the study, “Stress in America: Coping With Change,” viewed the country’s future as a significant source of stress, at 76 percent and 59 percent respectively.

Brands that can tap into reducing stress and enhancing comfort and wellness are inevitably viewed more positively and are more in demand by stressed-out end users. Personal care products help people care for their physical and mental health, and the category includes everyday items such as sunscreen, lip balm, tissues, etc. Their frequency of use is why they make great promotional items with a solid return on investment and a lot of reordering potential.

Gwen Brey, marketing coordinator at Beacon Promotions (PPAI 113702), says personal care products are perfect for low-cost promotions. “The trend right now is for products that are not overly expensive, as many advertisers have tight budgets,” she says.

One item she loves including in personal care promotions is a pair of socks. “I think [socks] are so hot right now because everyone has done the t-shirt to death. Socks have universal appeal, are inexpensive and can be worn numerous times without fading in the wash. We’re seeing socks used by sports teams, schools, businesses and senior living centers, just to name a few. Socks are the new t-shirt,” says Brey.

She also says that personal care products are no different than other promotional products in terms of selection. “The distributor needs to know the demographics of who will be using the product, what the product is helping to accomplish and the client’s budget, and keep in mind the end user’s experience when using the product.”

With a robust emphasis on health and wellness in the media and in company cultures today, thoughtfully chosen personal care products are sure to be an effective choice to help your clients show the softer side of their brands and how they care about their customers’ well being.


Promote Health And Wellness With Personal Care Products

The Athletic Cool Down Collar is a quick drying, neck/head/wrist tubular scarf. Constructed of polyester and Spandex, it is super absorbing and lightweight, and provides UPF sun protection. This product wicks moisture and perspiration away from your skin while cooling down your body temperature. Pull it over your head to help protect from the sun or cool your head while wearing a hat. It is also washable and reusable. It comes in a convenient, clear storage tube with hanging cord.
Crown Products, Inc. / PPAI 113430 /




The Hangover Kit, packaged in a non-woven polypropylene bag with a zippered top closure to keep the items secure, includes two antacid tablets, one pair of earplugs, two ibuprofen tablets, one eye mask and one Blistex packet. The Sports First Aid Kit is a durable, polyester bag with a drawcord closure. The amenities include: two ibuprofen tablets, two packs of first aid cream, two antiseptic towelettes, one jumbo bandage, one Blistex packet, one sunscreen packet, three mini bandages, and three ¾-inch bandages.
Vitronic / PPAI 114197 /




With flavor options mimicking delicious desserts, this 3 1/2-inch x 5/8-inch SPF 15 lip balm has a handy retractable dispenser with a clip. A full-bleed imprint is available and flavor options include apple pie, blueberry cobbler, bubble gum, wild cherry, chocolate sundae, piña colada, passion fruit, peppermint candy cane, pomegranate, spearmint, strawberry shortcake, tropical punch and vanilla bean, plus an unflavored version.
LANCO Corp. / PPAI 112333 /


This heart-shaped, lightweight, compact pill box can hold a variety of pills. It’s made in the USA and is a useful and popular promotional item for hospitals, doctors, health-related organizations, or any health or well-being promotion that includes love or hearts in the theme.
Evans Manufacturing, Inc. / PPAI 110747 /






Anyone who’s ever lost a screw from their eyeglasses or sunglasses knows it happens at the most inconvenient times. This eyeglass repair kit can be kept in a purse, briefcase or pocket to quickly fix a pair of glasses. The kit includes a screwdriver, tension rights, nose pads and screws. It’s a great product for optometrists and ophthalmologists as well as retailers that sell glasses.
Illini/Altco / PPAI 111235 /






Featuring a natural mineral formula with high-quality organic ingredients including beeswax and coconut oil, this unscented sunscreen offers SPF 30 broad-spectrum protection and has been tested to be water resistant for 80 minutes. Its only active ingredient is zinc oxide, which sits on top of the skin to scatter, absorb and reflect UVA and UVB rays before they reach the skin’s living cells.
Raining Rose, Inc. / PPAI 232508 /






Cold weather brings cold and flu season. Fight germs while promoting your clients’ brands with hand sanitizer in a spray bottle or foam applicator. The antibacterial hand sanitizer spray comes in a .33-ounce spray bottle with a removable cap and is a 62-percent ethyl alcohol-based formula. It’s made in the USA and is FDA approved. The foaming hand sanitizer is also made in the USA and is FDA approved. Its non-alcoholic, toxic-free formula kills 99.9 percent of germs.
Fields Manufacturing / PPAI 111951 /





Great for conventions, sales meetings, trade-show handouts, events/outings and youth gatherings where personal fans are crucial for participant or spectator comfort, this fun emoji hand fan is available with a fast turnaround for last-minute events and comes in 10 stock shapes.
American Greenwood, Inc. / PPAI 113498 /






These handy tissues come in a PE plastic pouch that holds 10 quilted 3-ply tissues made of 100-percent virgin pulp that is soft and soothing on skin. The package is printed with a logo and a goofy face that will keep the user smiling with every use.  Consider promotional tissue packs for a perfect giveaway at schools, healthcare facilities, offices and more. 
Crestline / PPAI 691336 /






This custom imprinted MopTopper™ stress reliever is a new item from the popular MopTopper line. Its chenille microfiber hair acts as a screen cleaner and its face is a cheery stress reliever. Customize it and use it as a great giveaway for students during test time or throughout the year for employees to help them stay positive and productive.
Prime Line / PPAI 112744 /


Clear Gel Sanitizer and SPF 15 Lip Balm, packaged together and with and a choice of colored carabiners, are sure to be a top pick for outdoor events. The lip balm is available in more than 30 flavors and free of oxybenzone, PABA and gluten. It is USA-made in an FDA-registered facility.
SnugZ USA / PPAI /

Promote the fight against mosquitoes with a DEET-free insect repellent that has been found highly effective in repelling Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, providing 100-percent protection for two hours and 95.8-percent protection for three hours post-application in independent lab testing conducted at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario. It uses six natural repelling oils and is allergy tested and non-irritating, sweat resistant, and safe for those with sensitive skin. It also won’t damage clothing or equipment.
Natural Trends, LLC / PPAI 235352 /




They Nailed It
A promotional products distributor used a nail file as part of the company’s self promotion. It was an inexpensive and useful product and easy to mail. The company printed the logo, phone number and website on the file. In the letter that was mailed out with the nail file, the distributor thanked customers for their past business and reminded them that they could help “nail” their next event or marketing initiative. 
Source: Beacon Promotions


Cuddle Buddy
A local hospital that was moving to a new location wanted to give blankets to its youngest patients and wanted the quality to be high enough so the children would want to take them home after their stay. The hospital chose these chenille blankets and reported that the response was great. The kids loved how soft the blanket was and often made it their “blankie.”
Source: HIT Promotional Products


Julie Richie is an Austin, Texas-based writer and a former associate editor for PPB.