April 2021: Feedback

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In February, 16 supplier reps in the Dallas, Texas, area joined together to host a suite show for distributors in the region. Taking up an entire floor of a Dallas hotel, the event allowed distributor attendees to travel from room to room, respecting social distancing and mask requirements, while meeting with industry suppliers.

What a great idea! It’s the Palmer House in Chicago 1972 repackaged for the 21st century. Our Rocketline calendar products loved the suite shows with small gatherings of friends and meeting new prospects, one-on-one. No mileage walking, seating in the room and an adjacent room for meetings and cool beverages. It’s better for suppliers and viewers alike. I would vote “yes” for any regional suite show.

Charles B. Goes
Owner and President
Goes Lithographing Co.
Delavan, Wisconsin
PPAI 113485, S1

Wow, this is totally cool and impressive! Way to work against the current challenges and in such a safe manner. Great job!

Valerie Avila
CST Worldwide
Dallas, Texas
PPAI 387291


PPAI Expo Direct-2-You continues to draw praise. A new experience for everyone, it proved a worthy alternative until the in-person Expo returns in January 2022, and perhaps a new show option altogether.

Expo Direct-2-You was a great experience! I attended many education classes and enjoyed visiting the suppliers. It wasn’t the optimum way to network on business, but it was a great alternative. I think I was actually more efficient and organized with the content I found. PPAI did an excellent job building an intuitive platform full of events to keep you engaged. 

Spring Myers
Upswing Marketing
Los Gatos, California
PPAI 304616, D2


In its January issue, PPB profiled Kathy Cheng, president of Toronto, Ontario-based supplier Redwood Classics Apparel. For three generations, her family business has been manufacturing textiles in North America. Today, Cheng is continuing her family’s legacy, wielding her voice as an advocate for supplier diversity and establishing her business as a niche player in the promotional products industry.

This is a great article. Much support from a fellow Hong Konger in the promotional product industry. I love the dedication and commitment to support your family’s business. I also believe in supplier diversity. Thank you for setting a great example in the industry.

Swire Ho
Director of Sales and Marketing, #thepromoguy
Garuda Promo And Branding Solutions
Los Angeles, California
PPAI 620267, D1


James Khattak is news editor of PPB.

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