You Nailed The Job Interview. Now What?

I was recently speaking with a friend who owns four children's swim schools. As part of his business, he hires (and fires) a lot of young employees for front desk administration, lifeguarding and swim instruction. He told me the person who usually gets the interview (and the job) is the one who sends him a thank-you note. And apparently, this doesn't happen very often.

Over the next four days, Promotional Consultant Today shares a four-part series on employment tips for job seekers and employers, from Patrick McHargue, director of talent for PromoPlacement, a staffing services agency for the promotional products industry.

We've all found ourselves in this situation: You just nailed the in-person interview for your dream job. You're coming down from your adrenaline rush and a nagging question pops into your head: Now what? What do I do next?

What's the best way to follow up on your job interview?

1. Say Thank You. During the interview, ask for a business card from every contact you make and send each a thank-you email. Schedule your email to arrive in their inbox first thing in the morning on the day following your interview. It will get more attention at this time. Do not wait to send these as they can quickly be forgotten or pushed aside.

2. Follow Directions. Many companies will give you a homework assignment or lay out next steps for the interview process. Listen carefully and follow directions. Your ability to stick to the agreed upon plan will tell employers a lot about what it will be like to work with you.

3. Show Your Interest. Follow up with your company contact to see where things are. Understand the timeline for a decision or the next steps in the process. Be professional and show your passion for the opportunity. Sell yourself as a great fit for the role. Don't be a pest but let the hiring manager know you are interested.

4. Stay On Point. Just because your interview is over doesn't mean that your evaluation is. Stay professional in every interaction you have with your potential employer. If you're sending them paperwork, make it prompt, crisp and legible. If you're speaking with them on the phone, be sure that you are somewhere you can be easily heard and understood. Keep it professional at all times.

Great job interview follow-up is all about putting your best foot forward and keeping it there. Follow these simple steps and you'll succeed in showing your gratitude and knowledge of business etiquette, illustrating how diligent a co-worker you'd make, sell yourself for the opportunity with passion and reinforce the strong impression you made in your interview.

Source: Patrick McHargue is the director of talent at PromoPlacement, an industry search and placement firm. He grew up in the promotional product industry, earned an MBA in international business, and managed a $35 million sales territory before focusing on the development of tools and services to benefit the promotional product industry.

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