Why You Should Celebrate Your Successes

The end of the year—another challenging pandemic year—is upon us. You’re done with your performance reviews and employee awards, so go ahead and pour some bubbly or take a few quiet moments for yourself today. Now’s a great time to reflect on your achievements from the past 12 months.

There are many benefits to celebrating big and small successes, according to Leah Masonick, a life and transformation coach. We share some of her reasons in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

You’ll get a confidence boost. When you think about a meaningful accomplishment or something that went right, you’ll get a jolt of self-confidence. Masonick recommends making a list of your victories and posting it somewhere visible.

You’ll get to know yourself better. Reflecting on your success allows you to discover what you did well and how you can duplicate those actions in the future. Use what you learn to go after even bigger goals in 2022.

You’ll inspire others. If your team members see you celebrating, you just might inspire them to consider their own victories. Don’t be afraid to put it out into the world that you’re celebrating, says Masonick. You can also ask your employees and colleagues what they’re celebrating.

You’ll teach others. Not only will you inspire others, but you’ll also be showing them how they, too, can be successful. For example, maybe you took a course that helped you learn new skills and enriched you personally. Or maybe you attended a trade show or conference where you made valuable contacts. Masonick says that by celebrating your growth, you’re teaching your team members to try it for themselves.

You’ll uncover what matters to you. According to Masonick, identifying and celebrating your wins can help you find your life purpose. When you reflect on your achievements, look for any common themes. These patterns can help you uncover what’s most important in your life.

You’ll be recognizing those who helped you. Your team members and colleagues play a big role in your workplace success. When you pause and celebrate your wins, you’ll also be celebrating those people who helped with the achievement, notes Masonick. This shows that you value and appreciate their contributions.

You’ll be training your brain for more success. Celebrating can lead to many positive impacts on your brain, which can lead to positive changes, notes Masonick. Endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin levels soar during celebrations. These boosts can set you up for experimentation or risk-taking, which may result in more learning or wins.

You’ll be cultivating optimism. If you want to learn to look on the bright side more often, start by reflecting on your successes. Masonick points out that by having a positive mindset and noting the positive when celebrating, you will begin to train your brain to focus on positive things. When you look for the good, you’ll find it.

There are only a few hours left in 2021. Bring some celebration into those hours by toasting yourself and all you have accomplished this year. We’ll see you in 2022. Cheers!

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Leah Masonick is an international life and transformation coach.

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