Feeling tired? Could you be more productive at work and at home? While we all get in a rut sometimes, it's important to assess the areas in your life where you can improve, and one of those areas could be getting a better night's sleep.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share seven things successful people do before going to bed, from the team at SleepyPeople.com.

1. Plan out your sleep. Planning a sleep schedule means you can do your best to ensure you get enough sleep and get up early enough to be productive.

2. Write in a journal. Release your thoughts into a journal before you go to bed. This will clear your mind and allow you to get undisrupted sleep.

3. Read a non-work-related book. Take a mental load off and escape the stresses of work by immersing yourself in some entertaining fiction.

4. Unplug. This step might be obvious, but unplugging from our smartphone or iPad is hard for many of us. The two-minute look on Facebook can easily become half an hour. Plus, the light emitted from technology devices can be disruptive to the body clock.

5. Write down accomplishments and make your to-do list for the next day. Give yourself a daily pat on the back by writing down any achievements from the day. Also, create a list of small goals for the next day so you can have a game plan before going to bed.

6. Don't drink alcohol. While having a glass of wine or a cocktail before bed sounds relaxing, it can be a big disruptor to your sleep. Avoiding booze will help you have a refreshing night's sleep.

7. Take a walk. There are few better ways to clear your head than a brisk evening walk. A late-night stroll can also give you time to reflect and catch up with your partner or a friend.

Consider implementing these pre-sleep tips so you can rest more soundly and be more productive during your waking hours.

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Source: SleepyPeople.com is a UK-based online retailer founded in 2006. The company was set up on the principle of offering both top quality and value for money. With a focus on e-commerce instead of traditional brick-and-mortar outlets, SleepyPeople has one of the most customer-friendly online experiences in the industry, offering everything from pillows, duvets and memory foam mattress toppers to electric blankets online.