Ten Ways To Enhance Your Reputation At Work

Your reputation is one of your most important assets. How you're viewed in the workplace can transform the whole trajectory of your career. When you make a positive impression at work, you stand a better chance of being included in important projects, landing bigger accounts, earning promotions and continually progressing in your career.

Writer Tiffany Couch, CEO and founder of Acuity Forensics, says that every workplace has people who seem to create drama, and then there are those who are respected and admired by their colleagues and managers. We explore Couch's advice for enhancing your workplace reputation in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

1. Take ownership. Rather than wait to be assigned, take ownership of a project or initiative and run with it. It's ideal if you're passionate about the work, but even if you're not, consider offering your leadership skills anyway. Your boss will appreciate your roll-up-the-sleeves mentality and willingness to try new things.

2. Be timely. Whether it's a phone meeting or conference room gathering, arrive a few minutes early. Get water or coffee in advance and get your laptop up and running. The few minutes these things take shouldn't be part of the meeting. Remember that it's more than just your time that you're respecting; it's everyone else's time.

3. Keep your promises. Few things will plummet your reputation faster than a lack of follow-through. Show your commitment to the company by working hard, persevering through setbacks and finding alternative solutions to achieve the best results.

4. Offer counterpoints. Couch suggests further illuminating an issue by sharing thoughtful considerations. This shows that you have considered the issue and brainstormed potential solutions or an alternative point of view.

5. Think ahead. It's magic when someone says, "It's already done." Integrate yourself in the office and seek opportunities to anticipate what needs to be handled before it becomes a need. Even small tasks such as adding paper to the printer or brewing a fresh pot of coffee can help your co-workers view you more favorably.

6. Stay flexible. Business priorities can shift quickly, and you'll be perceived as quick and flexible if you can react and adapt in the moment. Use this as an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership and resilience by jumping into action.

7. Demonstrate passion. Throughout her career, Couch has always been able to spot the employees who approach their work with passion. She says their commitment and positivity influence fellow employees and often helps the business achieve goals that seemed lofty, simply because of their vision and conviction.

8. Keep calm. From looming deadlines to demanding clients, professionals should learn how to maintain their composure and stay cool under pressure.

9. Be innovative. Look for ways to tackle problems head-on and create process efficiencies.

10. Stay informed. When you keep up with what's happening in the industry as well as your local community and the world, you can offer intelligent insight on multiple topics.

It takes hard work and consistency to build and maintain a positive following. Use the tips above as you work toward enhancing your workplace reputation.

Source: Tiffany Couch is the CEO and founder of Acuity Forensics, a forensic accounting and fraud investigation firm that helps unravel complex financial crimes.

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