Simple Ways To Experience And Share Joy

After months of navigating the pandemic, most people are craving some holiday joy. Even though this holiday season looks different, there are still many ways to find joy and create meaningful moments. Whatever brings you happiness and however you are spending the holidays, you can incorporate more joy into your days—and share more joy with others—in some simple ways.

Speaker and bestselling author, Nancy Solari, has outlined some tips for joy that you can apply yourself and share with your family, friends and colleagues. Continue reading this issue of Promotional Consultant Today for Solari’s tips for finding joy, no matter your circumstances.

Be present. Instead of lamenting on the past or worrying about the future, you can experience more joy by staying in the present moment. Solari recommends practicing small activities that you find fulfilling, whether that is spending time in the garden or baking some of your favorite cookies. You can share joy by leaving a neighbor a small bouquet or bringing treats to the office.

Appeal to your senses. This time of year is full of enticing aromas, flavors and sights. Take time to enjoy them and notice what awakens your senses the most.

Volunteer. Whether you donate your time or belongings, when you help someone else, you take the focus off your own worries and concerns. Plus, when you do things for others, you not only feel joy, but pass it on, notes Solari.

Adjust your routine. When you are in a rut, it’s hard to feel joy. To break out of a rut, Solari says you can simply mix up your routine. For example, if you take the same route to work, take a scenic detour. Or if you start your morning with coffee, try an herbal tea.

Create time for mindfulness. The holiday season is often a time of hustle and bustle. Even if your schedule is not jampacked with parties and events this year, it’s still important to give yourself quiet time. By practicing mindfulness, whether through meditating, walking, gardening or reading, you can let go of stress and replace it with joy and calm, says Solari.

Treat yourself. If you find it difficult to experience joy, do something that makes you smile. Solari says this could mean treating yourself to a fancy dinner or getting a new tech gadget or pair of shoes you have been wanting. When you are bogged down in life, treating yourself feels rejuvenating and can help you find joy, she says.

Get outdoors. Another simple way to experience joy is to step outside. Pause and admire the snow or take some time to go on a hike or bike ride. According to Solari, when you experience the world’s natural wonders, you open the door to discovering beauty and joy.

Let loose and have fun. With all the uncertainty and stress of the past several months, you may find it hard to be silly. However, tapping into your youthful spirit is a simple way to experience joy. Look for ways to have fun like a child, whether you build a snowman or make a holiday ornament.

Everyone wants to feel joy—especially during the holidays. Fortunately, by making some small adjustments or finding new ways to look at things, you can inspire more joy in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Promotional Consultant Today is pausing for the holidays and will return to your inbox on Monday, December 28. Happy holidays!

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Nancy Solari is a bestselling author and renowned speaker in business success and personal motivation. She is the founder of Living Full Out.

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Bob Baker
December 26, 2020
Great ideas and advice. When it comes right down to it, the Covid slow down can be a real blessing. Other than the economic strain on those barely getting by - I find it an opportunity to reflect on the short journey life offers. Before Covid there were over 400 flights in the air just over the US. People were burning over 20.5 ,million barrels of oil each day racing around at a frantic pace - chasing this and that while rarely looking left or right to even notice anyone else. I notice people actually going the speed limit and slowing down the pace. When chips are down it seems the good people of humanity are more appreciative of what we DO have and more willing to notice others in their similar plight. To stand in a field doing nothing - allows one to realize and be thankful for all the blessings we DO have. The warm sun on a face, the soft breeze, sound of the birds, a cool glass of water to satisfy thirst and so many other sensual pleasures. Hold your breath a while and ask yourself - what is that next breath worth to me? Life alone in itself is terrific and a beautiful gift. We have so much to appreciate. When we become sad because things aren't quite "what they were" it means that all we had before was not quite enough. Wanting stuff we do not have is another way of saying we are not satisfied with what we had before. We did not value it as good enough. I look forward to a bright New Year ahead with peace, warmth and kindness for those who appreciate it.
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