Seven Ways To Improve Your Remote Onboarding Experience

You’ve completed the virtual recruiting and online interviews, and you’ve decided to extend a job offer to a stellar candidate. While you’re excited to bring on a talented new employee, how does effective onboarding happen when your new team member works remotely? According to Claire Hastwell, a content marketing manager for Great Place to Work, you should aim to provide a sense of camaraderie right from the beginning.

If you could use some insight on how to warmly welcome new team members who work remotely, read on. We share seven ideas from Hastwell on how to improve the remote onboarding experience in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

1. Kick things off with a fun delivery. When your new employee signs on for their first day, make it fun with a special delivery. You could mail them a welcome package containing company-logoed products they can use on the job—think mousepads, coffee mugs and notebooks. Include some information about your company’s vision and mission so new hires can get to know their employer.

2. Ask new hires for a bucket list. This is an out-of-the-box way for employees to get to know each other when they don’t work in the same office. When an employee starts, encourage them to write out a 20-item bucket list. You can gather a list from every employee and keep everything in a giant spreadsheet accessible to the whole company. This helps sales reps and other employees learn more about each other and connect with like-minded colleagues.

3. Send a congratulatory meal. Joining a new company is a big deal. Commemorate the occasion by sending your new sales reps a gift card so they can order in a celebratory meal.

4. Send personalized welcome notes. In a traditional workplace, new hires get to know their colleagues face to face in meetings and by walking through the halls. In a virtual setting, you can make remote workers feel part of the team by sending them welcome notes from everyone else in the company. Current employees also often like writing a quick note to welcome new hires, so everyone benefits from this process.

5. Ask local employees to hand-deliver something special. If your new hire lives near another employee, ask your current team member to drop off a welcome package in person. When you follow social distancing guidelines, this can be a great way to foster a connection right from the start.

6. Appoint an onboarding buddy. Think back to when you were the new person on the team. You may have felt silly asking questions or you may not have known where to find specific information. You can help smooth the process by giving your new sales rep a peer who can walk alongside them (virtually) for the first few weeks. This onboarding buddy can provide answers to all kinds of questions your new hire may hesitate to ask.

7. Use video frequently. Although you don’t share an office space, you can still give your new hires plenty of opportunities to see their colleagues through video calls. Arrange one-on-one calls and team meetings so your sales rep can learn the business and ask questions.

To make new remote hires feel welcome and part of the team, start with a solid onboarding process. When they sign on for their first day of work, don’t make their day all about completing W-4 forms and watching HR videos. Instead, work in some human touches asking them to answer some fun questions or surprising them with a meal or a welcome package. These small steps go a long way at making new hires feel celebrated and part of the team.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Claire Hastwell is content marketing manager for Great Place to Work. Hastwell works with Great Place to Work data and company culture experts to distill the psychology of high-trust workplaces

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