Seven Qualities Of The Most Charismatic Salespeople

Successful salespeople share many common qualities. For example, they’re resilient, motivated and enthusiastic. They’re also charismatic. They have a certain “it” factor that makes others want to engage with them. Charismatic salespeople know how to influence and charm those around them. Instead of coming across as pushy or aggressive, they’re naturally likable.

While some people are inherently more talkative than others, everyone can increase their charisma. You can start by observing some of the most charismatic people you know. When you do, you’ll notice that they share some commonalities that make them well-liked by others, says Sira Mas, a career advice author for The Ladders.

Wondering what makes someone charismatic? In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we outline Mas’ seven qualities of the most charismatic salespeople.

1. They empathize with others. Charismatic salespeople know how to relate to their clients and prospects. This makes others want to open up to them. When you make someone feel understood, you open a communication channel, says Mas.

2. They accept fault. If something doesn’t go as planned, the most charismatic people will admit their mistake and work to correct it. They don’t get defensive or point fingers. Mas says that by letting go of their need to be right, they open the door to easier and healthier relationships.

3. They’re honest. Salespeople sometimes get a bad rap about not being totally forthcoming. The most charismatic salespeople squash this stigma by putting honesty first. Mas says they like to be authentic and tell the truth upfront instead of just saying what the other person wants to hear.

4. They embrace humor. A sense of humor is an important people skill, notes Mas. When you think of the most charismatic people you know, they probably don’t take themselves too seriously. The next time you make a mistake, try to find humor in it. This will make you more likable and help other people relate better to you.

5. They show genuine interest in others. Salespeople can be more charismatic by focusing conversations on other people. Most people love to talk about themselves, says Mas. When you learn to ask more thoughtful questions, you’ll be able to better connect with people. Instead of pitching your products and services, be curious in your conversations. Show that you care what’s going on in your prospects’ world.

6. They’re well-mannered. This sounds obvious, but not everyone demonstrates good manners in the workplace. Whether it’s interrupting others or checking your phone while someone else is speaking, these seemingly small things can negatively impact how others view you. Be polite and attentive. And look for ways to be kind—you can make someone’s day simply by being nice.

7. They listen well. The most charismatic salespeople listen to understand. They’re not busy forming their response while their prospect is speaking. Instead, they’re listening to help the other person feel understood.

People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. You can create more opportunities for yourself by emulating the most charismatic salespeople. You don’t have to be naturally outgoing—you just have to show that you care about your prospects.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Sira Mas is a career advice author for The Ladders.

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