I've done it. I've often found myself staring at my computer, phone or tablet not knowing what button to press or what to swipe to make it do what I want to do, so I do the natural thing: ask my kids. It turns out that turning to your children to learn something new may be more beneficial than just a tap or a swipe.

In yesterday's Promotional Consultant Today, we looked at how to make the most of a reverse mentor relationship, where seasoned business professionals create a mentor relationship with younger employees to keep up with technology and market changes. Today we conclude the series with executive coach Paul Bernard's advice how to find the right reverse mentor. Here are a few resources to check out:

1. A formal reverse mentor program. Some firms, like Cisco, are ahead of the curve and have already started a formal reverse mentoring program. If your company doesn't yet have a program, take the initiative to start one.

2. An informal relationship. If, for some reason, your organization can't or won't start a program, find a younger employee at your office who might have the perspective and skills that would benefit you.

3. An internship program. Create an internship for your organization with a job description that requires a tech-savvy college student or recent graduate, and then connect with a local university or college to find the right student.

4. The kids you already know. Consider your own offspring—teens or young people, or those of close relatives or friends who have a technology understanding and can be tapped for regular tutoring sessions.

This wraps up our series on reverse mentoring. If you are a seasoned professional, identify young talent who can open your eyes to technology and other resources that are out of your comfort zone. You might just discover the next superstar to take your team and your business objectives to the next level.

Source: Paul Bernard is the founder and principal of Paul Bernard & Associates, an executive coaching and career management consulting firm based in New York City.