Studies show that kids laugh an average of 300 to 400 times a day. Grownups, on the other hand, giggle much less frequently—only about 15 times a day. On Be A Kid Again Day on July 8, brands and businesses can invite adults to delight in the small stuff and find more joy in their lives. Places like movie theaters, museums and libraries can hand out promotional products to spark summer fun. Children’s organizations and nonprofits can also incorporate Be A Kid Again Day in fundraising campaigns.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we’ve rounded up a few promotional products for Be A Kid Again Day.

Plan For This Promo:
What: Be A Kid Again Day
When: July 8

A Bold Band

The Loudmouth Disco Balls Black Non-Slip Band makes a great giveaway from gyms and fitness studios on Be A Kid Again Day. Athletes can use these bands to keep their hair out of their eyes during a workout or game.

One Up Bands / PPAI 448632, S1 /

Goody Bag

The Digital Full-Color Die-Cut Bag adds a pop of color to any event booth. Featuring two-sided imprints and crisp colors, these plastic bags are perfect for co-branding campaigns. Fill them with nostalgic candy or toys.

BAG MAKERS, Inc. / PPAI 111408, S10 /

Snack Time

Grownups will want to get their hands on the Quick Snack Pack, which contains three mini canisters of popcorn, pretzels and chip-zel-pop (potato chips, pretzels and caramel popcorn). Companies can surprise employees with these logoed packs on Be A Kid Again Day.

Funky Chunky / PPAI 558701, S4 /

Light The Way

Jotting notes during a call or adding to a grocery list is decidedly more fun with the Nova LED Light Pen. This ballpoint pen writes in black ink and features an imprint that matches the trim color. An LED light makes it stand out from all the other pens in a desk drawer or caddy.

Goldstar / PPAI 114031, S10 /

It’s A Toss-Up

The Family Ring Toss Game makes a fun prize at company picnics or corporate events. This promotional item includes five rope rings, a five-post wooden target and color posts that show where to toss. It all packs inside a logoed bag for toting to barbecues, parties and more.

IMAGEN Brands / PPAI 114197, S10 /

Compiled by Audrey Sellers