It's Friday … end of the week. If you're in sales, you are either feeling on top of the world or you're feeling defeated. You've either made progress with some prospects, or you're making a list of where to search for prospects next week. You're either preparing for the next big presentation or evaluating how this week's presentations went.

To stay motivated and persevere into the coming week, Promotional Consultant Today shares these motivation tips to survive in sales from sales expert Will Robertson.

1. Accept where you are. By accepting your own abilities and working within your limitations, you can use valuable energy to create positive life changes. Know where you are in your sales process; accept it. Then make a decision. What do you want to do about it?

2. Dare to think in awesome dimensions. When you think about what you want to achieve, do you think of your self-proclaimed limits? Why stop where you stop? Try thinking in unusual or outrageous terms. This might be achieving the top-level award in your company. It could seem like a far-away goal, but don't create your own barriers.

3. Don't dwell on defeat. When you give up in your mind, your mind gives up on you. Once this happens, the rest is downhill. Remember, there is no such thing as failure; there are only outcomes. If you don't like your outcome, try changing your activity.

4. Stay committed to your career goals. People have a tendency to be on the lookout for a better deal. Lack of personal career commitment is the greatest source of dissatisfaction with one's profession. Get committed and learn to just say no to anything that doesn't support your career purpose.

5. Do not allow setbacks to control you. When you face an inevitable disappointment, accept it as a learning experience and find creative ways to work through it. You can choose to react to a disappointment by seeking solace and quitting, thus weakening your ability to do something positive about it. Or, instead of shrinking from challenges, you can choose to learn, resolve to handle a similar situation differently the next time around, and grow.

6. Finally, never be intimidated. Most success is more perceived than real. Don't be intimidated by what you perceive happening with others. If you strip away external elements like money and status, we are all the same; no one individual is more important than another individual. So be the real you. You are as important as anyone else on the planet.

At PCT, we know how important you are to this industry. Have a great weekend. We'll be back in your inbox on Monday.

Source: Will Robertson is vice president of sales for Global Telecommunications Corporation, an agency of Pac-Tel. He also is a motivational sales and management speaker, and president of Performance Strategies Inc.