PPAI's goal No. 4 is the focus in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today as we conclude this week's overview of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.

"Ultimately, if the organization isn't situated in a way that it can deliver on the first three goals of this strategic plan, we will not be successful," says Paul Bellantone, CAE, president and CEO of PPAI.

Goal No. 4 of the PPAI strategic plan addresses the need to have the right people working on the right projects and issues—and it's critical in order to deliver on the promises of the other three goals in this three-year plan.

Simply put, this goal speaks to the importance of engaging the proper people, technology and tools to enable PPAI to deliver the engagement and value outlined in goal No. 1, push the advocacy efforts to new levels, as stated in goal No. 2, and develop strategies and tactics to ensure the forward-thinking posture required to achieve true strategic foresight in goal No. 3.

To realize goal No. 4, these strategies are required: investing in and implementing best-of-breed technology to enhance member interaction with the Association, nurturing a workplace culture committed to delivering best-of-breed member experiences, and developing programs, experiences and engagement that will result in more personalize relationship with members.

While goal No. 4 is about the Association, it is the driving force behind the success of the other three and ultimately the value and benefit that the members and industry will see.

Look for more communications from PPAI throughout the year as it makes progress toward achieving these four goals.

If this weeklong series on the 2017-2020 PPAI Strategic Plan has been helpful and given you valuable insight into how the Association is working for you, email us and let us know. For more information contact PPAI or review the complete strategic plan on our website.

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Source: Keith Vincent is director of marketing at Promotional Products Association International.