How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell - February 16, 2018

Product descriptions provide overviews of your products, but they do much more than that. Well-written product descriptions have the power to add value to your website, improve your search engine ranking and boost your sale conversion rates. The best product descriptions are the appropriate length, tone and style. They also contain keywords, help attract site visitors and lead customers down the sales funnel.

An ideal product description converts every browsing marketer into a customer. It explains the benefits and features of the product and convinces them to seal the deal. In the world of e-commerce, product descriptions are the bit of written content that search engines use to place the product in front of users who perform searches. Learn to use descriptions to their fullest potential to maximize your brand visibility.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we'll share these product description tips from content marketing expert Devin Pallone of the content marketing firm ContentEqualsMoney.

Basic Rules For Writing Product Descriptions

A Nielsen Norman Group study on the usability of e-commerce sites attributed 20 percent of task failures to incomplete or unclear product information. Poorly written descriptions (or worse, no descriptions at all) leave users' questions unanswered and increase the odds of shoppers abandoning their purchases. Good descriptions include these steps:

  • Write as much as necessary. Say what is necessary about the product but make sure your descriptions don't ramble on for hundreds of words or be so short as to leave key questions unanswered.
  • Get to the point. The product description is not a place for intros, conclusions or link-building. It is simply an overview of the most important information about the product. Keep descriptions short, sweet and to the point for the best readability. Provide the most important information first.
  • Use appropriate tone and style. Product descriptions give your brand the unique opportunity to showcase your tone and personality. Use this to your advantage by tailoring the tone of your content to your target audience.

If this means funny and witty, go for it. If your ideal customer is more straight-laced, stick to tight, professional language. Do not write for everyone—write for your buyers.

How To Create Awesome Product Descriptions

Truly great product descriptions go beyond just the basic requirements. They exhibit a firm understanding of what consumers want. The following are three general ways to make product descriptions really shine:

1. Add keywords. Keywords are a major part of search engine optimization (SEO). Don't just add words you think marketers are searching for, conduct actual keyword research to discover the words that are hottest in your niche. Relevant keywords inserted naturally (not too heavily) are vital for SEO and brand visibility during searches.

2. Answer questions. Product descriptions are where potential clients go to learn more about the item they're considering purchasing. They want to know the item's specifications in detail including its material, manufacturing source, size, color, price and other important features. Answer these types of questions as completely as possible in your descriptions.

3. Engage with customers. Although the product description is primarily the place for facts, this doesn't mean the content has to be boring or unoriginal. Make your content interesting and engaging, tailored to your specific audience.

By using your product descriptions smartly, you can attract more leads with keyword optimization, give insights into the company's unique personality and boost business all around.

Source: Devin Pallone is a graduate student at the University of South Florida, where she is studying creative writing. Her interests include reading, writing fiction and trying not to get addicted to Netflix. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her husband and their husky, Indy.

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John Travis
March 1, 2018
Hi Devin, You ticked all the boxes with your piece on writing engaging product descriptions. Would love to see some examples ? Regards, John
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