How To Engage Clients During COVID-19

Despite the current global situation with COVID-19, businesses must still maintain strong relationships with their customers. People still need products and services, and they're counting on various companies to get what they need. Brands must make sure they communicate effectively with their customers as everyone adapts to a changing landscape.

Edward Coram James, CEO and co-founder of Go Up Ltd., notes that businesses must work extra hard to maintain meaningful connections with customers, especially if their services are limited. In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we discuss James' thoughts on how companies can keep their clients engaged and informed during the tumult of the pandemic.

Adapt to changing situations. While you may be tired of hearing buzzwords like "the new normal" and "unprecedented," James says they're everywhere for a reason. These phrases point out that plans from the beginning of 2020 are likely put on hold or scrapped altogether due to COVID-19. Even well-recognized brands such as KFC have adapted to the global climate. The brand benched its "finger-lickin' good" slogan at a time when personal hygiene is critical.

Just like big brands, James says that sales professionals should be willing and able to adapt to their customers' changing needs. Your clients will appreciate that you are willing to adapt to their needs, even if they must temporarily reduce how much they spend with you.

Make yourself available. During the pandemic, many people have been spending more time online. From scrolling social media to livestreaming on Instagram or Facebook, people have increasingly turned to the internet for entertainment and information. This means that sales professionals have an opportunity to be there for their clients through social media. Even though customers may not currently need your company's products and services, you can still engage with them and be available for their questions.

According to James, your brand's social media content should encourage your customers to interact with you. Ask them questions. Start conversations. He says this is a valuable way to help your brand evolve into a new and uncertain future.

Be a resource. Are you creating content that your customers find valuable? James says sales professionals should regularly update their social media profiles with new and insightful posts. However, he advises that professionals post with care. Make sure you post updates that are relevant and appealing to the customers you serve. When clients need information or have questions, you want them to think of you first. That's why it's important to look for ways to give them helpful content through your blog or social media.

Your relationships with your customers have likely changed over the past few months. Make sure your clients know you are still there and available to help them through these unusual times. Show your ability to adapt to their needs, stay visible on social media and aim to provide content and resources that bring them value.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Edward Coram James is a UX design professional and the CEO and co-founder of Go Up Ltd., an international marketing and design agency dedicated to helping its clients navigate the complexities of the digital world and maximize their online potential.


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