Many people struggle with poor vision. Three out of four people in the United States use some form of vision correction, according to the Vision Impact Institute. Plus, all that time on digital devices can put a strain on your peepers. The average American spends over seven hours each day looking at a screen, according to data from DataReportal.

Fortunately, National Eye Exam Month happens every August. It’s a prime time for optometrists, opticians and optometric practices to promote the importance of regular checkups. Through promotional campaigns, these professionals and practices can connect with current patients and reach new audiences.

We spotlight a few ideas in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

Plan For This Promo:
What: National Eye Exam Month
When: August

Made In The Shade

During National Eye Exam Month, optometrists can promote sun safety with the Panama Sunglasses. These UV400 lenses provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. Choose from white or black with silver accents or tortoise with gold accents.

Hit Promotional Products / PPAI 113910, S13 /

Safe Keeping

The Straight Eyeglass Sleeve is a stylish place to store spectacles in a backpack or purse. It’s made from high-density, open-cell scuba foam and includes a four-color imprint.

Numo / PPAI 112587, S5 /

In Place

With the Neoprene Sport Eyewear Retainer, people won’t have to wonder where they placed their glasses. Available in a variety of colors, this customized strap floats, making it a great giveaway for outdoor enthusiasts to use in the pool, at the beach or out boating.

SnugzUSA / PPAI 112982, S11 /

Pop Of Pastels

Eye doctors can give patients the Dr. Grip Gel Ink Pen with an appointment-reminder card. These ergonomic, latex-free pens write in quick-drying, smear-resistant black ink and feature a translucent cushioned grip. Choose from a variety of pastel hues.

Pilot Corporation of America / PPAI 112712, S5 /

On The Mend

The Eyeglass Repair Kit makes a useful marketing tool for optometric practices to give out at community events. Each kit includes a screwdriver, four differently sized screws, a nose pad and two rubber washers.

HPC Global / PPAI 113506, S3 /

Compiled by Audrey Sellers