Crafting Marketing Emails That Get Noticed

Despite the growing number of digital channels companies can use to connect with prospects and customers, email continues to be one of the most cost-effective marketing vehicles. In fact, a 2017 HubSpot survey noted that for 86 percent of professionals, email is the preferred communication channel. Unfortunately, that fact isn't a secret, which means your competitors are probably using email to reach the same set of contacts as you are.

If everyone is following the same email best practices, how can you raise your odds of getting your emails opened and read? In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share four ways to help your emails stand out from digital communication expert Lou Casale.

1. Communicate what's new. Helping to keep your prospects and customers in the know on what's new in your industry can build the relationships so they will also open and read your emails announcing what is new with your business. Even if they don't buy your newest offerings, they will at least know about them and may refer others who could benefit.

2. Stay seasonal. Like a florist sending out an email before Mother's Day, for some businesses timely communication of seasonal needs for products or services is natural. For other types of products, it can take more creativity, but can be just as effective. Think of an eyewear company sending a reminder email to refresh your glasses before your prescription expires or a florist sending you an offer just before your wife's birthday.

3. Make a truly special offer. Businesses that send out offers on a too-regular basis find their emails are quickly ignored. If you only send an offer when it is truly special, like an annual can't- miss sale, you are more likely to garner the attention you desire.

4. Get personal. Sending emails that make the business personal by communicating its mission or purpose can resonate with your prospects and customers. If you are sponsoring a 5k race for charity or a local little league team, let your customers know.

Source: Lou Casale is an accomplished PR expert who helps companies express their value and purpose in the world. He currently serves as the head of communications for Hiscox USA.

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