Act Like A Sleuth To Get More Sales

How much digging do you do when researching prospective buyers? Investigation is a critical part of sales. By digging deep, you can uncover what’s going on in your prospects’ world. You can get to know their biggest challenges, needs and pain points. The more you understand your prospective buyers, the better you can tailor your sales approach.

Through some in-depth sleuth work, you can uncover clues that can lead to more business, says Keith Lubner, the chief strategy officer at Sales Gravy. He says sales investigation is so important that it should be part of your daily routine. For example, Lubner begins his investigation every day by checking social media for updates, posts and status changes. This daily practice has helped him secure new business.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we explain Lubner’s strategies for doing some detective work to help land more sales.

Maximize trigger events. A trigger event is something like a contact preparing for a trade show or a business expanding its offerings. These events can signal that someone may need your products or services. In many cases, you may not learn about trigger events without doing some investigating. By being proactive with your research and outreach, you can often get ahead of the curve and knock out your competition before they even know they missed an opportunity, says Lubner.

Apply the availability bias. This is another way that you can make like a detective to get more sales. Lubner notes that people often make decisions based on the information in front of them. This availability bias means that potential buyers will make decisions based on what information you present to them. Just like a good detective, you should sniff out potential buying situations and be the first in line when it comes to the decision-making process.

Expand your network. Your sleuth work may not lead to a sale right away, but it might lead to one down the line. This is because when you make new connections and nurture them over time, your face and name become familiar to potential buyers. This greater familiarity will breed likability, says Lubner. When you engage with prospects, keep the conversation relationship-based — never try to “sell” people on your products or services. This approach can help you build trust in the long run.

How often do you take an investigative approach? Are you truly curious about your prospective buyers, or are you just looking to land a sale? Looking for clues can help you land more meetings and ultimately close more deals. Without doing some sleuth work, you may miss hidden opportunities. With the information you glean from your investigating, you can often gain a competitive advantage over your competitors and potentially shorten your sales cycles. This year, make like Sherlock Holmes by following the tips above.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Keith Lubner is the chief strategy officer at Sales Gravy. He has delivered training programs and workshops to organizations around the globe.


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