11 Ways To Build And Maintain Sales Momentum

Momentum involves velocity and mass. In sales, you build momentum by continuing enough sales efforts to make progress on your goals despite obstacles that get in your way. To gain traction, it’s not necessarily about your sales skills, but more about your grit and persistence. When you commit to keep going no matter what, the more momentum you will gain.

So, what are some ways you can build and maintain sales momentum? We share 11 tips from Kent Holland, vice president of sales at Copper, in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

1. Start small. Rather than aiming for a large, intimidating sales goal that feels impossible to achieve, break it down into smaller pieces. This makes your larger target number feel more attainable, says Holland.

2. Remain customer focused. It’s always important to conduct proper discovery with prospects to learn how you can best help them. By thinking like your prospect, you can focus on selling what they want rather than pushing the products and services you want to promote.

3. Shine the spotlight on your team. When your sales team accomplishes a goal, don’t take the credit for their hard work. This will only lead to disengaged employees who are less likely to see goals through in the future. To build and maintain sales momentum, give your team the credit and encourage future successes.

4. Clarify your mission. Sales teams are only as good as the leaders taking them forward, notes Holland. Give the specific number of units or an exact revenue number you need to attain and let your team know the “why” behind these goals. If they understand why they are working toward a goal, it will further motivate them to achieve it, he adds.

5. Personalize training. Each sales rep on your team has different strengths. Consider how you can help each one flourish in their job, whether that’s giving them the space and independence to get things done or providing extra attention.

6. Tap into current clients. Existing customers are the lifeline of any business. You can maintain momentum with them by looking for ways to expand and asking them for ideas on how you can improve.

7. Keep data visible. According to Holland, support system tools like worksheets and lead generation forms can help you get a read on your team’s health and performance. When you can see everything from lead status to conversion rates and revenue generated, you can make informed decisions instead of just going with a gut feeling, he says.

8. Incentivize great performance. Another way to maintain momentum is to offer performance-based rewards. This is a sure way to bring out a sales professional’s competitive nature, notes Holland. Remember that you do not always have to offer monetary incentives. Think about what motivates your sales reps and provide something that will really entice them.

9. Specialize your sales team. Holland recommends dividing your sales team into two groups: one to qualify leads and one to close them. This allows both teams to better focus and prioritize their tasks.

10. Create space for self-improvement. Everyone on your team has room to grow—including the leaders. In addition to helping their team members, sales managers should also assess themselves and see how they can build a better working environment or provide more effective leadership.

11. Prioritize coaching. Even sales teams who do well on their own need to be coached occasionally, says Holland. When you make time to coach your team, they’ll close more deals and in turn improve sales.

Sales momentum isn’t about pushing clients to sign more deals—it’s about taking meaningful action every day to reach your goals. If your sales have slowed, try the tips above to get things rolling again.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Kent Holland is vice president of sales at Copper.

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