10 Qualities Of Successful Closers, Part 2

I once worked with a sales guy I'll call Rob. He had been with the company for many years. From what I knew about Rob, he had secured a couple of key accounts many years ago when the company was in its infancy—and one of those accounts was still with the company when I joined.

Being a seasoned salesperson, Rob was overly confident. He didn't follow the processes like the rest of the sales team. He wasn't entering account details into the CRM system. He wasn't hitting the recommended number of outreach calls. He was sharing his pipeline. However, he did manage to attend the industry trade shows where he'd always see his industry buddies.

Rob hadn't closed a deal in over a year. Perhaps Rob was so comfortable financially that he didn't care about earning a commission … or maybe there was more to it. Maybe he just wasn't an effective salesperson.

Yesterday and today, Promotional Consultant Today is sharing 10 traits of effective salespeople who know how to close deals, as identified by blogger Tim Denning.

1. They tailor to the audience. Corporate pitch? Better put a suit on. Seeing a new, cool, funky startup? Probably best to wear a t-shirt and take a backpack. First-time users of the product or service? Stick to the 'why' and two to three useful takeaways.

2. They capture your attention. They don't do this by using PowerPoint decks, closing techniques and fancy catch phrases, but by using their infectious personality and showing genuine concern about the needs of the customer.

3. They avoid overthinking. It's easy to procrastinate in sales and try and predict every move that a customer will make. In the end, the client will mostly use emotion to make a decision. Quit trying to overthink the outcome and focus on going all in. Give it everything you have, and if you lose the sale, move on to the next business opportunity.

4. They make actual decisions. Sales requires many consecutive and challenging decisions. You need to be able to convince not only the customer, but also internal stakeholders such as the product and operational areas.

This process is a series of small decisions that match the urgency of your customer. If you take too long, you lose the sale. If you overpromise, you'll burn the client. If you don't offer a competitive price, they may go elsewhere. Brilliant salespeople make appropriate decisions often and efficiently.

5. They are aware of their ego. Ego is the enemy. If you think you're a hot shot, your prospective clients will run. Too much confidence and an inflated ego are usually a mask of a salesperson who's covering something up. Humility and kindness attract customers.

Read PCT again tomorrow for more useful tips to boost your business.

Source: Tim Denning is a viral blogger with a focus on inspiring the world through personal development and entrepreneurship.

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