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Never Enough Time

     Time is money. This adage is very apt in the life of a professional salesperson.      There are many tasks required of a professional, but there are only 24 hours in a day to accomplish them. An effective use … Read More »

Catch Someone Doing The Right Thing

     Employees now have a greater role in developing strong customer relationships that inspire loyalty and performance. Therefore, employees need to have the best skills, use sound judgment and feel competent in their job. To do this, they must always … Read More »

How Are We Doing?

     We have all seen Olympic ice skaters, American Idol contestants or other competitors anxiously wait for judges’ scores. As children we watched our parents’ faces when we were at school plays or at recitals. We look for information returned … Read More »

Keeping Things In Perspective

     I can think of no other profession that’s as closely associated with the term rejection as a career in sales. You might say that rejection is as natural to a salesperson as trail dust is to a chuck wagon … Read More »

Finding A New Way To Meet

     Team meetings can be productive and exciting. Unfortunately, too many organizations meet for the wrong reasons or have simply fallen into a going-through-the-motions meeting style. By implementing a few simple tools, you can breathe life back into your meetings. … Read More »

Constructive Conflict Can Be A Good Thing

     In too many companies, meetings have become a way for leaders and their employees to simply go through the motions. If a new initiative is being implemented or new product ideas are needed, the feeling is often, “Well, let’s … Read More »

Set Guidelines To Guarantee Productive Meetings

     The question of productivity is a huge issue when it comes to meetings. According to a Microsoft survey of more than 38,000 employees, almost 70 percent felt the average 5.6 hours they spend each week in meetings are unproductive. … Read More »

Keep Meeting Times, Attendees Limited

Keep Meeting Times, Attendees Limited      “In these tough economic times, every second of the work day is valuable,” says Kimberly Douglas, author of The Firefly Effect: Build Teams That Capture Creativity and Catapult Results. “None of it should be … Read More »

Ten Pitfalls Of Pitiful Meetings

     It’s Friday afternoon, and your team is filing into the conference room, mumbling and grumbling as they take their seats for yet another meeting. An hour passes and the meeting comes to a much-anticipated end, leaving everyone involved wondering … Read More »

Mentors Offer Bridge To Future Success

     Biography is one of my favorite TV shows because it pays tribute to the accomplishments of well-known, successful men and women. I gain insight and inspiration from their stories of achievement and personal triumph over adversity.       I find … Read More »

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